June 12, 2016

For some reason with this plugin, the text “Related Articles” isn’t showing up above these even though in the plugin it is activated.

“Related Articles” isn’t showing function jetpackme_related_posts_headline( $headline ) { $headline = sprintf( ‘<h3 class=”jp-relatedposts-headline”><em>%s</em></h3>’, esc_html( ‘Related Articles’ ) ); return $headline; } add_filter( ‘jetpack_relatedposts_filter_headline’, ‘jetpackme_related_posts_headline’ ); customize-related-posts

June 6, 2016

GP Framework

GP Framework Guava Pattern – A WordPress Theme Development Framework Apparently it looks just an options framework but its much more than that. Default Features: Zero Configuration Required No need to enqueue CSS and JS files. Its automatic. Repeater fields functionality added. It can handle multilingual websites without using any plugin like WPML etc. It […]

June 2, 2016

Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin

Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin You might will get surprised that if Layer Slider is a plugin already so what is this post about? In fact Layer Slider WP plugin comes in enfold within the theme and it works really well. But normally developers don’t try to mess with it and i had […]