June 8, 2019

When WooCommerce was founded?

WooCommerce was first developed by WordPress theme developer WooThemes, who hired Mike Jolley and James Koster, developers at Jigowatt, to work on a fork of Jigoshop that became WooCommerce. Read more, why woocommerce is better?

June 1, 2019


Job Description: Technical Writing: Blog Post Product review: Step 1: Data Collection Step 2: Software User Experience Step 3: Review Writing Google | Yahoo | Bing | Youtube Search every possible content, with every possible search query. Search by slug Search by full name Search by features Search by perfect substitutes or alternatives Search by […]

HOAB Version 1.0

Hope Of A Bug: Synopsis: Hope Of A Bug; a game developed by AndroidBubbles developed on HTML5. It is the story of a ladybird beetle which has two aims in the game; first to avoid all the other insects and second is to eat all the fruits at the specific level. The game progresses when […]