November 19, 2014

Learning java basics

Learning java basics Try the following queries in Google and learn Java from abc… how to run java in cmd? “java helloworld” how to compile java code in cmd? “javac” how to clear screen in cmd with java public final static void clearCMDConsole() { try { final String os = System.getProperty(“”); if (os.contains(“Windows”)) { […]

November 29, 2012

Communications API


Communications API Communications API is centered around the abstract class CommPort and its two subclasses, SerialPort and ParallelPort, which describe the two main types of ports found on desktop computers.

March 6, 2012

JDK and Netbeans

JDK and Netbeans JDK means Java Development Kit and Netbeans is an IDE is Integrated Development Environment a software which helps not only in managing java projects but it provides editor and running, testing, debugging environment as well. JDK helps Netbeans to be equipped with the libraries which helps the IDE to run the java […]

Response helps in WEB

Response helps in WEB Response helps Web to get response back from server against the request being made by client. It is clear that if a request received by the server and a thread is created with method “Service()” to serve the request either by method doPost() or doGet() so finally server will provide the […]

Request helps in WEB

Request helps in WEB Request helps Web to sends request from client to server. When a user access a URL either containing localhost or online http so this action is called request. Now if we specifically talk about an input form in which two types of request can be made to server “POST” & “GET”. […]

JVM helps in Virtualization

JVM helps in Virtualization JVM means Java Virtual Machine which helps in Virtualization. Virtualization is a convenience which is provided in concept of WORA (write once run anywhere). We write code in java and when we run it so JVM standardize it automatically w.r.t. the machine code required according to the machine on which application […]

Tomcat Directory helps in Making Servlet

Tomcat Directory helps in Making Servlet Tomcat directory helps making servlet because Provide required server environment Step by step pre-defined & easy configuration for Apache Easy directory structure to understand and to begin with Tomcat directory is the main directory where tomcat server installs/unzip files. In this we can find a directory “webapps” in which […]

February 29, 2012

Starting JAVA Coding

Starting JAVA Coding You can start coding in java by using plain notepad but it would be easier if you use some IDE e.g. NetBeans IDE, Sun Java Studio Creator IDE or Sun Java Studio Enterprise. Follow these steps: Download the JDK from Once the selected IDE is installed so you can start coding […]