November 26, 2011

The Software Equation

The Software Equation

The software equation shown below is dynamic multivariable estimation model. It
assumes a specific distribution of effort over the life of the software development project
and is derived from productivity data collected for over 4000 projects.

E = [LOC x B0.333/P]3 x (1/t4)


  • E – effort in person months or person years
  • t – project duration in months or years
  • B – special skill factor 

    – Increases slowly as the need for integration, testing, QA, documentation,
    and management skills grow

  • P – productivity parameter 

    – Overall process maturity and management practices

    – The extent to which good SE practices are used

    – The level of programming language used

    – The state of the software environment

    – The skills and experience of the software team

    – The complexity of the application

Last updated: March 19, 2014