June 15, 2011

Dreamweaver file check in and check out

Dreamweaver file check in and check out

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    For your convenience, image is provided in full-size. Please open it in new window to have full view.

  • Assumptions

    We are assuming that if we are giving you guideline using Dreamweaver version 8, so you can find the similar options in Dreamweaver CS3 and Dreamweaver CS4 as well. Or another assumption is that you are coincidentally using the same version as we have provided snapshot. Dreamweaver file check in and check out will give you ultimate mind free development experience.

  • What is file check in and check out in Dreamweaver?

    When you are working on a website and uploading files frequently just after changing it, your co-developer(s) can have access to the same files through process on different machine(s) as well. Suppose you have changed something and he did as well. If you didn’t enabled check in and check out option so file would be replaced and yours or his/her changes made will be discarded. By enabling check in and check out option you and your co-developer will get an alert message if the file is in use.

  • Why file check in and check out in Dreamweaver is required?

    Ultimate goal of an efficient development is to complete the project in-time. In our practice, few things or minor CSS changes are being uploaded online even after project completion. In that situation, uploading files through filezilla or cute-ftp etc. won’t be a good option when you are testing everything online and editing it in your favorite HTML editor. If you are using Dreamweaver so you can upload files with convenience directly from Dreamweaver. We will cover that portion in another article that how to upload files from Dreamweaver. For now we have to see that why check in and check out is important. So ultimately enabling check in and check out option you can enhance the efficiency in your project and can fix the bugs in short time.

  • How to enable file check in and check out option in Dreamweaver?

    1. Manager your website from the Site Menu of Dreamweaver
    2. While managing your website or managed it, you will see two tabs, Basic & Advanced
    3. Click on advanced, check the image attached above. Click on remote info then.
    4. Follow the steps as mentioned, tick that check-box “Enable file check in and checkout”
    5. Enter your name or any identity and email address well
  • Precautions

    If you or your co-developer(s) will not properly check out the file after completing the task so it will keep prompting the future users of that file that this file is in use and person “xyz” is working on it at the moment. So being a responsible team, your co-ordination would be required with responsibility.

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