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Gulri Slider


  • Perfect Slider possibility
    Very nice Plugin, easy to handle and in combination with WP Header Images a great improvemnet to develop wordpress pages. So you can individualize every page with a header slider, well done!

  • Doesn’t work
    Had high hopes for this plugin, but alas, just another nonworking plugin. Not sure from the screenshots if you’re supposed to use shortcode [gsp ids=”x,x,x”] or [gallery ids="x,x,x"], but neither one worked. Also in the “settings” for the slider there is an entirely different shortcode – that didn’t work either, and WP came up with an error message and would not even allow it to update the post.

  • Gulri Slider is Responsive!
    I tried my best to server the WordPress in return. I hope this plugin will be liked by the WordPress lovers. Thanks, Fahad

    "Fahad Mahmood"
January 28, 2021

Gulri Slider is a WordPress plugin that allows you to set image slider in place of header image area. It is easy to implement. Every slider has a shortcode, paste that shortcode in page or post to get rendered. Alternatively you can modify your header.php.