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Encouraging buyers to buy in quantity…


  • Multiple discounts (related to a single product) are supported
  • An option of setting percentage Discounts Plus or flat (fixed) Discounts Plus in currency units.
  • Discounts Plus for product variations is supported to treat them separately or by shared quantity when discounting.
  • Discount is better visible and is available on several locations (see below).
  • Discount is visible on the Checkout page
  • Discount is visible on the Order Details page
  • Discount is visible in WooCommerce order e-mails and invoices as well.
  • Showing the applied discount when hovering over the item price in the cart.
  • An option of easily changing the CSS of the price before and after discount.
  • Discounts Plus can or cannot be applied if a coupon code is used, depending on configuration.
  • HTML markup is allowed in information about the Discounts Plus offer in Product Description.
  • Discounts Plus can be disabled easily in the Product Options page.
  • Compatibility with all WooCommerce versions.


  • premium plugins ??
    hello you talk about the premium package but where is it? where is your website? how much does it cost? what are the extra features? thank you

  • Remove 2 dollar decimal places
    Hello Thanks for your great and good plugin How can I delete 2 decimal places for a dollar currency? I use another currency that is not in dollars That’s why I don’t want the two decimal places to show the dollar Thankful

  • Great plugin, great support!
    Installed this plugin and asked for support to change a small format issue plus an extention of the limitation on the number of discount criteria. I would have been happy to purchase the Pro version but was advised not to as it would solve problems not related to mine! The issue was resolved in the free version. Big shout-out. And by the way, if you ever find yourself in need of a tool to put a discount on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th item and so forth but not on the first: this plugin will do the trick.

  • Nice plugin, great support
    Was using this plugin for some months with no complains whatsover. Unfortunately after a wordpress update an error occured. After reporting this on the support page it was fixed within the hour! My faith in humanity is restored 🙂

  • Very good plugin
    The plugin works perfectly and is very easy to use. The free version is fine, maybe I will buy the paid version later. I have made a Dutch translation for this plugin (.po and .mo files)

  • Buggy
    1. It shows incorrect amount in the cart even if discount condition is not met (should have shown correct price without discount but shows 120% of correct price) 2. it doesn’t calculate discount percentage correctly if working on variation products If anyone decides to use then should test it thoroughly before releasing it live to customers

  • Best Discounter for Woocomerce
    We have purchased the Premium WooCommerce Discounts Plus, this is my hands down the best product and card discounter we have used on our website, we have used a few different discount plugins and have either had conflicts with other plugins, just don’t do what you want or do not have the functionality that we were looking for. We had a few teething problems but the Author helped us get it right. In a word PERFECT

  • Simple, works perfect, amazing support
    Simple solution for a potentially complicated problem. Had a slight issue with configuration, and support had the issue fixed and plugin updated within 48 hours. Thank you! This topic was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by 3C's.

  • thanks
    its work great thanks

  • So far works great
    It’s simple but offering more than some of the other free discount plugins. Looks clean and bug-free.

  • Amazing plugin and awesome support
    This developer is fantastic. I asked if he could add some extra features to the plugin. Collection only discount, weight based. Super helpful, he made the modifications really quick in like 2 days. Skyped me to go through how it works. A++ service Would highly recommend Fahad.

  • Plugin what I was looking for it.
    Excellent support I have never experienced before!

  • Excellent Plugin…Even Better Support
    We had an issue on install and were getting errors. Contacted Fahad and he made 2 version updates in less than 24 hours. Totally resolved the issues. Thanks for a great job.

  • Beyond Excellent Support
    I contacted Fahad with a question about how to get discounts applied to certain variants within a product, and not affect the other variants, and he replied within minutes. He guided me through everything and even updated my interface such that I can easily exclude certain variants from the discount. He was also very patient with my lack of in-depth knowledge. It was easily the most helpful online support I’ve ever had. Thanks Fahad!

  • Excelent support
    We need to customize the plugins and the after-sale support was fast ang very good.

  • Excellent!
    Don’t know what we would have done without this plugin. Developer was very helpful and worked with us to get it just right. Must-have!

  • Awesome plugin
    I love its new feature with s2Member plugin. Thank you so much.

  • Just what I was looking for!
    I’ve been looking for a plugin like this for a while. This plugin allows you to provide a percent or dollar amount discount based on item quantity. I had an issue, sent Fahad an email and within 10 minutes we were on Skype resolving my issue. Amazing! You can set multiple discount levels. I still have an issue with my first tier discount. At check out my price is discounted, but the original price is removed. There is supposed to be a slash through the original price so customers can see their savings. Tier 2 and 3 show the original price crossed out. This plugin solves a major issue for me!

  • Best support ever…
    Plugin didn’t work exactly in the way I wanted. Fahad within a few hours adjusted it to my needs and sent me an updated version. Now it is perfect. Such excellent support I have never experienced before…

  • Brilliant Plugin and Very helpful Author
    I wanted the premium version customized slightly and Fahad did a great a job, keeping me updated all the time and delivering it on time exactly as he promised. Will be using more of his plugins in future. Highly recommend them!

  • Really helping to attract the buyers
    I agree that author should display free version screen shots only but i like the idea behind this plugin. Thank you for such a good plugin.

    "Coding Champion"
  • Forked duplicate?
    This appears to be a fork of ‘Woocommerce Bulk Discounts’ with no real additions or improvements other than costmetic changes, plus an option to pay for a premium version, with no details of what the premium version includes either. Very disappointing.

  • Must try its pro version to boost your sales!
    It is highly customize-able and you can play with its discount characters as well. If you have any video to link with your cart pages, it would bring more rise in your sales. Everybody is interested in discounts, so this plugin will get attention of the buyer buy its unique idea to show available discounts. This topic was modified 5 years, 1 month ago by Fahad Mahmood.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
November 29, 2014

WooCommerce Discounts Plus

It is an amazing WooCommerce extension to implement multiple discount criteria with ultimate convenience. It is also known as WooCommerce Sales Booster because admin can add different discount criteria to each product which will be implemented on cart table perfectly. In its pro version, those discounts will be automatically displayed to the user on cart page. So if any buyer will be interested in getting discount so he will click on the desired discount option. By this both buyer and seller will be benefited. Buyer will get the desired discount and seller will be happy to sale more quantity against that discount. Its free version is fine for those who are already advertising their discount deals on their websites but if someone is still not advertising the deals and don’t have time to do that so this plugin will help them to boost their sales.

I am feeling really good to contribute to WordPress open source community more and more. Thank you WordPress team for giving us such a beautiful platform with awesome audience.

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