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  • CSS Minify
  • JS Minify
  • Image Optimization (Premium Features)


  • Better Plugin for Speed Up site
    which one better for my site http://www.workingtricks.review for speed plugin wp super chache or w3cache This topic was modified 6 years ago by jatinjaat1.

  • Just Amazing
    Amazing plugin,i have tested a´lot other speed optimization plugin. facing different issue,or didn´t work like expect. This plugin is easy to use you get some useful option,and it does his work like expected. stable,lightweight file size overall a good solid plugin. Very happy that i got it,also an fair to use politic i can imagine to purchase the pro version,if it works over longer time stable and i see update effort. Greets from an satisfait customer.

  • Broke the CSS and JS
    I tried it on my website and both CSS and JS stopped working when I tried to speed them up. So, not working for me (using Be Theme).

  • Its all about Speeeeeed
    Thanks Author for such an amazing plugin. I was facing so much difficulties in optimizing my website to maintain its response time. I was about to hire extra person for speed optimization work when i come across this plugin and believe me i wanna salute you for this plugin. It is working as per description. Worth recommending to friends. Keep it Up dude (Y)

    "Muhammad Asim"
  • sucks
    In order to work you must get the premium version…

  • used on 3 different websites
    Finally got a speedup plugin that doesn’t break my site. I even went after a long time on my wordpress account just to make this review. Keep up the good work! Yes, this is just wonderful. Tried many different plugins.. [Won’t name them though… ;)] But this one is simply the best… I use it in conjunction with Autoptimize…. And boy..!!!! The site load time is dipping below 1 sec mark….

    "Imran Saeed"
  • A matchless unique idea for website optimization
    Speed Optimization was an eyewash before because a number of gigs online are to speedup your website but they don’t exactly inform you what are they doing? I can bet that they can’t do such difficult task in a few dollars where a large number of images need to be optimized. I salute to the developer of this plugin who finally came up with this solution. Its better and faster than manual Photoshop image optimization because its a single click away. I would suggest to include some back-end process flexibility instead of page refresh. BTW its an awesome plugin.

  • Long awaited one stop solution
    It was not easy to handle this mess in single plugin. I have faced such situations when at least 4 plugins have to be used to achieve a better page load speed and then the compatibility issue among them is another nightmare. It would be great if a developer will test such plugin on his websites first and will continuously improve it for his audience. I wish you best of luck. Coding Champ

    "Coding Champion"
  • Definitely will resolve your page load time issue!
    I have developed this plugin for my usage and i was facing much difficulty to achieve a better page load speed before. Finally i thought to gather all the things in single plugin. Be in touch and keep using this, i will add g zip compression to this plugin soon.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
July 16, 2015

WordPress Plugin – WP SpeedUp

WP SpeedUp is one stop solution for CSS, JS, HTML minify and gzip caching etc. It would be different from other plugins in a way that a beginner level user will be able to use it by just enabling and disabling the speedup option. Its next versions will come up with further automated features without any advanced user level settings although all settings would be there but hidden. Another positive aspect of this plugin is that you can enable or disable specific area not necessary to disable the whole plugin. As there were a lot of plugins to boost WordPress speed and i used them but i couldn’t be satisfied so i finally thought to provide something unique and easy to use. I hope this plugin will help WordPress users to achieve better page load speed. Although page load speed can’t be achieved in a one click because there could be a lot of reasons of page load issue including hosting server bandwidth and other specification so my aim is to provide such console in wp-admin area as well to help the users in finding the actual problem of page load speed. Once again i want to thank you this open source community which is undoubtedly revolutionizing our www experience.

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