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WP User Merger


  • Simple and clean
    Does what it says that saves time for our customer service team. Customers regularly use different email addresses or forget what they have used int he past which can cause conflicts in our other systems.

  • Very Responsive Developer!
    The developer of this plugin responded immediately to my messages and patiently walked me through the installation process and addressed my problems. A+++ in customer service! Thank you!!!

  • Excellent plugin for migrating users
    Due to some reasons, all of my customers must register another account. So I have to migrate their information from the old one to the new one. It’s very difficult to find a plugin which can process it easily. Besides, many of them cannot migrate order woocommerce’s order information. I sent request to the author, and the plugin was updated so quickly, and it can now migrate order information. This is of course the best experieence I’v ever had. Strongly recommend installing it if you have any migration requirement.

April 9, 2020

After activation there will be a settings page under Users menu. User Merger let you merge information of two users. There are two dropdowns on settings page. Select two users you want to merge. See screenshot 1. Then press “Merge Users” button. A warning notification will appear for confirmation. Confirm action by pressing the Yes button. See screenshot 2. After pressing proceed there will be a successful message which means users has been merged successfully. See screenshot 3. If you select same users, the merge action will not be performed. A warning message will appear that same users cannot be selected for merge action. See screenshot 4. For detailed selection there is a toggle button that allow you to choose what information the user should include after the merge action. This is a premium feature. See screenshot 5

How to use?