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Gulri Slider


  • Perfect Slider possibility
    Very nice Plugin, easy to handle and in combination with WP Header Images a great improvemnet to develop wordpress pages. So you can individualize every page with a header slider, well done!

  • Doesn’t work
    Had high hopes for this plugin, but alas, just another nonworking plugin. Not sure from the screenshots if you’re supposed to use shortcode [gsp ids=”x,x,x”] or [gallery ids="x,x,x"], but neither one worked. Also in the “settings” for the slider there is an entirely different shortcode – that didn’t work either, and WP came up with an error message and would not even allow it to update the post.

  • Gulri Slider is Responsive!
    I tried my best to server the WordPress in return. I hope this plugin will be liked by the WordPress lovers. Thanks, Fahad

    "Fahad Mahmood"
February 1, 2020

So this slider plugin was initially developed for those websites which were using banner section on their homepage. I tried to provide this functionality with Gallery option of WordPress content editor through which you will able to use Gallery images as a banner slider with j Query. Each image will inserted within the short-code using its attachment ID in comma separated values but this time I’m going to provide more slider options with multiple slider sections and effects. It is better than the previous versions and obviously most of the features will be released as a free version features but pro users will be served something unique and advanced.