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WordPress Plugin Keep Backup Daily

Keep Backup Daily


  • Its a Free Plugin
  • Backup options are available on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Easy to use
  • "Backup Now" option let you to take immediate backup
  • Scheduled backup as email attachment
  • Maintains log for scheduled backups
  • "Cron Job" with easy settings for everyone, developers can use their own server cron jobs
  • Expected backup time notification


February 26, 2013

WordPress Plugin – Keep Backup Daily

WordPress Plugin Keep Backup Daily

Quick Start

  1. Go to your wordpress admin “yoursite.com/wp-admin”
  2. Login and then access “yoursite.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload
  3. Upload and activate this plugin
  4. Now go to admin menu -> settings -> KBD Settings
  5. Your email is by default administrator email to send backup emails, but you are required to press save changes button once (at-least)
  6. That’s it, now wait for the magic

Want to know more?

WordPress Plugin – Keep Backup Daily Description

Keep Backup Daily is a WordPress plugin which helps you to get relax about taking regular backups. It is much better that if you are running a news website and don’t want to overload your database. Keep backup daily and another plugin might be freeing up your database on weekly basis. There can be many uses of this plugin, you could have a look what activity is performing on your database now a days. Its just a convenience of exporting MySQL database. If you have configured the email client on your PC and want to keep backup on disk so it is possible as well with convenience. I am a PHP, WordPress developer and i faced a lot of inconvenience regarding keep an eye on WordPress DB regarding plugins and user’s activity. Our debugging process demands access to the DB most of the time so developed this utility for personal use and now publishing it. I coded a no. of fixes for WordPress sites and few of the solutions are in form of articles on my blog.

WordPress Plugin - Keep Backup Daily

Database security is most important while you are pushing fresh content on daily basis to world wide web. Content is everything when you are a blogger or a researcher. Taking backup is a wise decision but it is the hectic activity at the same time. Once you will back up your work so next time you might will forget to take backup in time. Your website db is the central part of your attentions so never underestimate database backup either offsite or onsite. SQL dump is mostly being managed by thirdparty tools or even by hosting teams but free backup is somehow risky. DB backup should be regular taken and stored to a safe place like your email inbox or somewhere in more reliable place. Online backup is better in sense that if ever your device is compromised so you can at least have the other copy from online email account or storage services. It is recommended that you take full backup of your database instead of few tables because your plugins and themes settings are important as well. Complete backup will facilitate you to restore your web in the same condition as it never been crashed. MySql export activity is somehow tricky and troublesome when you have to login to your hosting account and backing up through either some command or with phpmyadmin. Database backup depends upon interval by which your stuff being added to the web. If you are not making changes regularly even not weekly so you can set to take backup monthly. Keep backup daily will email database backup to your email address. Email MySql dump is safe because your inbox is secure at least and you do care about it. Regular backup or daily backup is not a bad idea if you have such a great wordpress plugin “keep backup daily”.

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  2. Me

    So how does the restore work?

    1. admin Post author

      It is recommended that you provide the backup file to your hosting provider and ask them to restore it for you, if you are not familiar with phpmyadmin or other importing methods.

      Suggest me, should i provide an import/restore button in this plugin if you feel it will help the most? Basically its a backup plugin, you can say that taking backup is the most important thing than restoring.

    2. fahad mahmood

      How to restore your backup files

  3. John Muldoon

    I agree that backups are important. But they are only useful if they can be restored 🙂
    I would suggest a restore button. Or maybe some simple instructions like the ones below.

    One gotcha: My backup file wouldn’t open with the ordinary Windows 7 Compressed Folder utility. I had to download 7-zip to open the zipped file.

    Once that was open, copied the SQL and dropped it in to the phpMyAdmin SQL editor and ran the queries. Et voila!

    Nevertheless, thanks for the software. It just brought a site back to life.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you John, i will work on restore button or at least instructions to restore the backup. Website backups could be large enough so maximum possible zip compression used. You can use that zip file into phpmyadmin. I really appreciate your interest in this plugin, be in touch and don’t forget to rate it http://wordpress.org/support/view/plugin-reviews/keep-backup-daily.

  4. Bilal TAS

    Very helpful plugin, but there is a small deficiency. In the zip file, there are all the sub folders that it has.

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you Bilal, i have updated the relevant code snippet and will release it soon. I will add acknowledgement in change-log. Nice to hear appreciation from you.

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  6. Mike

    Stopped working?

    Download is not working
    Click here report a bug

    1. admin Post author

      This error is related to PHP version installed on your server. In next version i will explain this error with proper guidelines. For now i have linked it to my blog to report an error. Can you please confirm that which PHP version are you using? And if you can ask to your hosting about PHP class “finfo” availability?

      Alternatively you can ask me to look into your wp-admin but its upon your convenience.

      1. Bilal TAŞ

        My PHP Version is 5.2.17 and, downloaded backup doesn’t work. All the requirements are green.

        1. admin Post author

          Bilal, i have two WP installations. One is cached and other one is not. Cached environment is not working fine with backup. If you experience something like that then must inform me, i think it will be another challenge for us.

  7. Albert

    How can i remove or deactivate Keep Backup Daily Plugin?

    Please send me some answer!

    1. admin Post author

      Its really easy. Just go to plugins and deactivate the desired plugin. If you are not able to do this then tell me i will try to provide further assistance.

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  9. Bobby

    In the Requirements Console box inside KBD Settings, there is a red X next to FileInfo Library….

    What is causing the backup not to work?

    1. admin Post author

      Backup will work fine but backup now option might won’t work fine. Look here

      But i have used alternative to be on safe side. Latest versions of PHP have FileInfo Library installed.

  10. Preeti

    I have installed the plugin on localhost, but it is showing the message plugin not working on your server. Please tell me what might be the problem. I am including this plugin in my blog. I need to know about each and everything clearly. Please help me.

    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for using this plugin but it is recommended that you install it on live site instead of localhost (PC). Anyways, try to use the option “Backup Now” from settings menu and get back to me with the results.

  11. Steph

    Write Permissions- yes
    Zip Library- yes
    MCRYPT Library- yes
    Fileinfo Library- no (has a red cross next to it)

    Not sure what to do?

    1. admin Post author

      Try to take backup with this plugin, do you get it correctly? If no, then inform me because i have coded this plugin with downwards compatibility. If a library is not available, it will use the deprecated function(s). But still these requirements were necessary so i provided them as console items. I will be here to help you out, you can contact me via contact form if required.

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