September 12, 2015

Internet Speed Matters

I am not sure that why i am writing this post to internet connectivity category. This category was created in early days when i was studying in MCS and previous topics were not related to internet speed obviously 🙂 but this one huhh… In fact i was comparing the internet speed of my working place and home internet so i thought that me should write about it. Undoubtedly speed matters and you have to wait for a good speed span to download even very important software. Internet speed is a key factor to make your mood and to spoil as well. And if ever you experience the downtime either from a server or your own ISP then you have no attraction in your life for a while. OMG, i have experienced this situation multi times.

  1. Once i was about to submit my university assignment and ISP gone.
  2. Once i was communicating with a client.
  3. Chatting with a friend.
  4. Delivering a project just before deadline.
  5. Installing software when it was crucial and the only hope was the internet.
  6. Once i was chatting on mirc32 and it was raining heavily outside.
  7. Once i was about to finalize my work and ready to go to bed but couldn’t then.
  8. Once for a few days and later i got it that my own phone line was interrupting with it.

So internet speed makes your mood and spoils too. Its better to keep a few tasks in progress which don’t require internet so you can easily switch to them whenever you have your link down.

Last updated: August 12, 2015