June 11, 2011


AndroidBubble Blog is not selling any product or offering any service to the market. This is a blog website which is developed to index all those problems which can extend the project deadlines and about there remedies. It is to propose intuitive ideas for better user experience and developed to help the designers and developers who are serving IT industry on daily basis. Most of the articles are aided with code snippets and images to clear the concepts of beginners and save their time as well. For this purpose i have used some images and icons in my articles and posts. I respect the copyright rules and obey them but i am using these images just for educational purpose, as soon as i will complete indexing the required content so i will replace these images with the purchased one. If unintentionally i have taken any important image from any website on which the owner of that image is not happy, they can ask me to remove that image from the website. Please contact me to remove any particular image(s). And i assure that the material available in articles is not taken from any website, if any sentence or sequence of articles is resembling so it would be a co-incident but the material provided is purely discussed, conceived, written and uploaded by AndroidBubble Blog team. As AndroidBubble Blog is helping the technical staff with their best knowledge but nobody will take any liability of any damage(s) if ever you face by implementing the suggested solutions. Because suggestions are given on the basis of a particular situation(s) and experience. AndroidBubble Blog will not be liable for any damage(s) by implementing the suggestions mentioned in any article or post. Knowledge is shared on this website is according to the experiences of the senior web designers and web developers but you are not charged for anything and you also do not have any right(s) to blame AndroidBubble Blog team for any damage(s). You are welcome to share knowledge and experiences here and can suggest improvements as well.

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