July 21, 2011

joomla plain text page with format raw

This was a problem for php developers that they wanted to use AJAX functionality in their joomla components and modules. But when they find that index.php always include code within the XHTML-template of joomla template and thats not what they needed. Instead of generating XML for to evaluate in JavaScript without any XHTML rendered is […]

July 14, 2011

joomla JTABLE getInstance library

joomla JTABLE getInstance library Please follow this path and have a look Path: libraries/joomla/database/table.php You will get answer of these queries: where JTABLE getInstance exists? how to modify joomla table? how to add another field to joomla table? how JTABLE works? Why JTABLE not getting a database field How can i change joomls tables field […]