WordPress Plugin

Extended Order Details for WooCommerce


  • List orders related to the customer on front-end
  • Shortcode implementation
  • Allow users by role
  • Disable all theme styles
  • Select tabs to appear/disappear
  • Select pages to use load plugin styles and scripts


  • Support
    A really good plugin that can only be recommended to use and got support from Fahad for about 2 hours, he was very helpful and could quickly and skillfully guide me through corrections that suited our needs 6 stars from here

  • Easy to use and understand
    Logged in user can have order details in different tabs. If logged in user is an administrator, and it has no orders as a customer so all orders will start appearing in his account for decision making purpose.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
April 12, 2020

You can list orders related to the customer account on front-end with the appropriate login and user role restrictions. It can display other related meta data on one single page.

How it works?