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  • Admin can send/schedule messages to all users
  • View all communication threads and apply filters
  • Define different departments and assign staff for sales and support
  • Shortcodes for users list
  • Allow/Disallow words in threads
  • Google Maps API compatibility
  • Shortcode based pages


  • A good first iteration but not a completed project
    I was excited when I found this plugin. I hate leaving WordPress to check or send email for the site I am on. This plugin looked like an excellent solution. This is a good start and does function somewhat but it does not work well enough to be sold on Envato or given away on WP.org in my opinion. You can only add 7 total email addresses with the paid version which is not mentioned anywhere in the documentation of which there is effectively none. I was never able to get the cron job working despite a considerable knowledge of working with cron jobs. I’m not sure that feature actually functions. I emailed support and despite paying for support never heard back from them. It has been 5 days since I emailed them so they had plenty of time to reply. Emails are displayed with extraneous code showing and subject lines have the same issue. You cannot delete an email while viewing it. There is no way to archive an email and remove it from the inbox. So inbox zero is not possible and your inbox stays full and confusing. Attachments are also confusing and poorly designed much like the rest of the plugin. I wouldn’t buy this plugin, the free version does everything the paid version does. All you get for the $20 is 6 extra email accounts and no support. Finally, to the WordPress Plugin Repository folks. Why are you letting plugin authors make reviews of their own plugins? This is misleading and wrong. Stop it. This topic was modified 11 months, 2 weeks ago by terryarthur.

  • nice
    I find a plugin like this in a long time. Thanks for the very nice plugin!

  • It’s a well tested working plugin
    I am happy to release this masterpiece for you all. It took months to complete but finally it’s here to fill the gap. We were missing such plugin from years. Other plugins are there but there was nothing for internal communication and to handle support/help desk at the same time. I hope, it will get a really nice shape with suggestions of you all. Happy Winters / 2019 Fahad Mahmood

    "Fahad Mahmood"
April 9, 2020

How to use this plugin?

I. Install the Plugin and Activate it
II. Go to Admin Panel > Settings > Inbox
III. There are two readymade pages available in Pages & Short codes tab which can be inserted in relevant areas.
IV. You can also use short code available in settings page, as per your requirements.
V. In Communication tab, admin can view all conversations.
VI. In Support Department tab you can add departments and manage staff as per departments.
VII. In Google API tab you can add your Location API, which will help customers to find you easily through Google Maps API. Latitude and Longitude will be calculated from your location string.
VIII. In Install Plugin tab you can install plugins which are required for this plugin. Mandatory and Optional are included.
IX. In Advance Settings tab there are some advance short codes available.