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Toolkit for Learndash LMS


  • Perfect plugin for language courses with LearnDash
    This plugin solved a huge problem for me. I’m making a language course with LearnDash and I have a lot of Fill in the blank questions. Sometimes the word in the blank begins with an uppercase letter because the gap is the first word in a sentence or the word is a proper noun such as a country, language or name. Out of the box Learndash was converting all letters of the answer to lowercase, which looked terrible in a language course. This plugin solved that problem. It gives me a choice of if I want to force users to have to write the letter in uppercase or lowercase to get the answer right (I prefer to allow them to write uppercase or lowercase and the answer is still marked correct) and it allows me to show the word exactly as I typed it in the editor without converting it to lowercase. Thanks so much Fahad, you’re a top WordPress expert. 🙂

  • Easy to use and understand
    Thank you for this plugin.

    "Coding Champion"
May 8, 2021

Toolkit for Learndash LMS is addon for Learndash LMS plugin. You can manage apply different themes to your quiz, questions and lessons. Nicely managed layouts with all possible options to deal with routine needs.