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Ultimate Order Combination


  • Great Plugin – Great Support
    What a great plugin! I had a problem, the support was there for me after some min and ready to help me. They sold my problem/feature request after 2 Day. Best Support Team ever!

  • Excellent – personalized support
    wordpress.mechanic call me directly by Skype and solve my issue. tremendous support…

  • Works great!
    This is a handy plugin to combined orders that sometimes come it when folks order using wallets like Apple Pay. Depending on how they checkout, a customer can end up with several orders within minutes. This plugin can be used to combine the Apple Pay or Google Checkout orders into one. Note: you may have to manually combine the shipping but, that is a breeze!

  • Essential plugin for WooCommerce
    Very useful and easy to use plugin for merging multiple orders from same customers

April 5, 2020

What premium version is about?

How to merge order with basic version?

How to merge order with basic version?

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