August 28, 2015

WordPress Plugin – WP Datepicker

WordPress Plugin – WP Datepicker

August 23, 2015

What if you are late to respond to a client?

Simply be truthful to your client, don’t cheat him. e.g. If you are late to respond, then tell him as follows: In fact an in depth review takes time so that’s why i couldn’t respond you earlier. I hope you understand. But don’t worry, i am active and will deliver the order within promised number […]

What is a best SEO practice?

As best SEO practice i would suggest you to keep your website light weight and clean. Avoid useless plugins installations and heavy images which are not properly optimized. Then try to focus on the content of your article/post and must use the title inside your content in a different way and keywords as well. Repeating […]

August 15, 2015

WordPress Plugin – WP Easy Sharing

WP Easy Sharing