November 13, 2014

Need help to choose the best wp theme?

Need help to choose the best wp theme?

Must have:

  • Homepage and landing page should be the same instead of 2 pages to confuse the visitors
  • Sidebars should be managed nicely that every widget should be a meaningful widget instead of just make the sidebar crowdy
  • Responsive layout because your visitors will be using devices mostly
  • Every page and category should have a relevant layout, styles, look and feel instead of just plain theme wrapper for everything
  • An easy way to reach to you via contact form
  • Should have a reputable base theme framework for its development

Good to have:

  • Mail chimp newsletter configured
  • Theme options in wp-admin
  • Sharing options on social network

Must not have:

  • A lot of gallery and other sliders in it
  • Any fonts embedding or external sources to be included in it
  • Should not have any kind of auto popups to tease the visitors
Last updated: November 13, 2014