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WC Order Split


  • Great Support and plugin
    The plugin works fine and it’s a good solution for us to split orders. We have discover little bug for our workflow and Fahad find solution quickly. Great plugin, great support !!

  • A refined version for orders split requirements
    I feel much comfortable by using this plugin. Although Woo Order Splitter has been improved a lot but this one shows the grip of plugin author on WooCommerce extensions. Fahad really understands the Automattic minds.

  • A good solution to split orders
    We have tried the “WC Order Split” plugin and the result is satisfactory. The plugin works fine and it has been a good solution for us to split orders. It is also very easy to use. The support given by Fahad is very good and and he answers quickly.

  • Simple but effective order split
    I’ve asked Fahad to make a simple plugin to split orders. This one is very nice to have manual control over my backorder process. You select the products you want to split and a new order with the selected products is made. You can choose to delete the selected order lines in the original order. The customer can see what is happening on his/hers My account page with the order. A reference in the new (splitted) order is visible.

  • It will be a good console for Woo Order Splitter plugin
    All of those users which are using Woo Order Splitter, will be able to use this plugin without any conflict.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
July 16, 2019

Let me introduce you a new and utile plugin. It provides you a service that you can use to split your orders as your desired group. You can also remove desired product after split.

WC Order Split

When you install this plugin, you will automatically see an icon in action column. It has no setting page separately. If icon looks gray it means you cannot further split that order. Icon will only active or show green color if your order has more than one item.

Order Page

When you select an order to split, a new page open named Order Group Management. On this page you can define any group label. To define any group label, enter group title and choose color for label. You can also delete any group label by clicking on any label and then click OK.

Order Group Management

As you can see it has a HTML color picker. Maybe you are not familiar with this so, to choose color move the left arrow highlighted in the image.

Picking a color

After managing group label come back to your order page and refresh the page. Now your added group label will show as well. To add a product to a group, click on group label and then select the product you want. As your order has more than one item you can group multiple items together. So, all same color items will go to same group. If you don’t select any label so, still it will select first label.

Add your desired product in desired label

Click proceed to split. New order will have products according to your selection of group. And everything will remain same like your meta data, your shipping information and payment information.

Splitted Orders