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WordPress Plugin – WooCommerce Order Splitter


  • Default Split: Split Every Item in Orders as a new Order
  • Exclusive Split: Split these and leave others
  • Inclusive Split: Split others and leave these
  • In stock/out of stock: Split as per in-stock/out-stock status
  • Quantity Split: Split as per quantity ordered
  • Subscription Split


  • Excellent Plugin!
    Excellent and effective plugin for WooCommerce. Highly recommended for anyone that needs to ad this specific functionality for their orders. Thank you!

  • Great functionality, awesome support
    We have a somewhat complex setup that has required some additional customization to the plugin, and the WOS team has been incredible, both in developing the features that we need, and helping to debug and get things working as we want. Incredibly responsive support, super helpful and really friendly. It’s been a great experience to work with the WOS team on making our project come to life.

  • Clone orders duplicate orders woo
    It worked exactly as required, thank you!

  • Great app & service
    Fahad took his time to figure out the mistake I made and solved pretty fast. Until now, perfect service and app works great!

  • Excellent support & awesome plugin
    Plugin does its job perfectly with lots of configuration options. The plugin’s support team helps with any issue. I’ve stumbled upon a bug and immediately after reporting the support team took note of it and helped resolve it. Never seen such good support for a WordPress plugin. Keep up the good work!

  • Brilliant
    Fantastic work, this does exactly what it says on the tin. Got the developer to do some custom work and tailor it for us, great communication in doing so. Well recommended.

    "Jase The Ace"
  • Phenomenal Support
    This is one of the only plugins that I know of that can split Woocommerce orders. The developer in charge of the plugin is very responsive and goes out of their way to accommodate their plugin for your site. I was having an issue with vendor emails not sending. Not only did Fahad fix one part of the issue, but changed the codebase to support the email customizer I was developing when I could have fixed the second part of the issue on my end. They spent days of work and hours troubleshooting the problem with me on my site. I would highly recommend this plugin for your website!

  • Great plugin, even better support (pro)
    The plugin does what it says and has some features (in the pro version) that you wouldn’t have thought you needed. They are still relatively new and trying to work out the bugs and kinks but the plugin developer and the support team are extremely helpful and prompt in replying to any issues that may arise. One of the best plugin support teams I have come across. Highly recommend!

  • Amazing Support and Plugin
    WooCommerce Order Splitter Pro does what it says on the tin! The support you get on going “PRO” is amazing. The best plugin support I have every experienced.

  • Super plugin and really good support
    A big thank to you guys, I must admit that I have almost never met such a high quality support and such a great responsiveness. it’s really nice to meet such professional people thank you again and stay healthy.

  • Great plugin with advanced capabilities, Great support.
    – It works as it should – It has all possible combinations for splitting orders – Amazing support Thanks for the great plugin.

  • needs some better spelling and UI design but the dev is releasing updates like
    like crazy just for that passion 5/5

  • Fantastic Support
    Due to its complex nature and many options, you may find it needs some tweaks. However, the developer provides great support and will tweak/improve the plugin if there’s an issue. Fahad is personable and a pleasure to work with. This is the only plugin I’m aware of that can split orders by vendor without being tied to a particular marketplace plugin (if any pro version marketplace plugins even have this functionality). In my opinion, it’s better to keep as many functions as possible decoupled from your marketplace plugin to prevent vendor lock-in.

  • Great plugin & Support
    Fast & pro support, the plugin works prefectely ! Thanks

  • Unfortunate pricing/policy and attitude
    ********* This review was originally written on the basis of a presales question I had about the premium plugin. I feel me and the developers have misunderstood each other and the discussion didn’t really have much value. I have left a 5-star review as the free version does do what it says and seems to be in-depth. ********* I installed this plugin and found the language, settings and overall layout/ui confusing. This might be more due to a language barrier and design/ui understanding. I would never give a one-star based on this as you can still find your way around, it could really benefit from some simple language/UI tweaks. I acknowledge it does have a lot of settings which is a challenge. The one star is due to two reasons, it costs $275 to purchase a version of the plugin that allows backorder splitting, which in some ways I understand as it’s a lifetime unlimited license. Where things go sideways is when I ask if there is a way to test the plugin somehow to see if it will work with my fairly complex site I’m directed to their policy page that starts with “Need a refund? No problem!” And finishes with you can only get a refund if you cannot download the plugin. Which is strange, upon discussing this Freddie jumped on and said don’t purchase it as we don’t have time for pre-purchase complainers. I don’t trust developers that can’t stand behind their products or who get narky if someone is simply trying to get some reassurance about its compatibility with their particular setup. It’s a shame. This topic was modified 1 year ago by naresh11381. This topic was modified 1 year ago by naresh11381.

  • Great plugin but shipping charges are not being split
    Great plugin but shipping charges are not being split. Please tell me how to split shipping charges according to individual product. Help me. Thank you. When I’m splitting an order from the admin panel, shipping charges don’t show up after the order is split. This topic was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by creationaddicted.

  • Great Support!
    The developer is quick to respond, and is quick to provide customized support. After describing the issue I was having over a brief call, within a few hours the plugin was updated with the new feature that fixed the use for my specialized needs. Thanks! Highly Recommended.

  • Great Plugin & Amazing Support
    Bought the plugin straight after trying the free version. Absolutely amazing ! Had some minor custom requests that Author immediately sorted out for me!

  • Very nice plugin & support !
    I had to contact the support for some questions and they were very quick to help me ! Thanks a lot for all !

  • Great
    Great extension, lots of possibilities. The extension seems very stable. The designer is very available, extremely responsive. Bravo!

  • Perfect plugin and good seller
    He is answer quickly and working perfect

  • Split by Attributes – A new splitting method added
    Group by Attributes (Variable Products can have multiple attributes and you can set rules to split and/or group having selected attributes.) Products/Variations will be splitted into multiple orders separately or in grouping as defined. Default: All attributes are considered selected. On selection, only selected attributes will be considered for split method.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
  • Really awesome plugin!
    Works great for multi location woocommerce store. Plugin author is more than eager to add new requested features really quick. This topic was modified 1 year, 6 months ago by webbiepro777.

  • Great plugin great author
    Without this plugin my project would have been lost. Thanks to this I can split orders by vendor (in premium version). The author gives a lot of assistance, and follows the requests on the forum and the plugin is constantly updated.

  • Working Plugin and Excelent Support
    Plugin works as it says it should be and there is fast Support if there is anything you need to get fixed ASAP. Definitely Recommended AAA+++

  • Awesome
    A lot of functions and a fast support!

  • great support
    very good experience

  • Really fast support
    Great extension that saved me, only 2 minor issue solved in fastest way!!

  • Awesome Support
    I am using this plugin and every option is working perfect. Author is ready to develop plugin compatibility with any other plugin which is used with Order Splitter. This topic was modified 1 year, 9 months ago by nikincce.

  • Author is always willing to support, Perfect Order Splitter
    This Plugin is having almost every order spliting rules and cases that you can expect from an order splitter. Order Splitter for WooCommerce (By Fahad Mahmood) not only supports woocommerce orders but also supports orders of Woocommerce 3rd Party multivendor plugins. So if you were searching for an order splitter plugin and you reached here then just download it, you will like it. If something is missing according to your requirement dont worry just contact the author he will sort it out for you. FYI Fahad solves your issues with few clicks 🙂

July 24, 2017

Order Splitter for WooCommerce

After activation there will be a Split link in wp-admin > WooCommerce > orders list page within the order actions on hover. Splits all order Meta data and product data across into the new order ID. Order is created and a note is left in the new order of the older order ID for future reference. Order status is then set on hold awaiting admin to confirm payment.

How to use this plugin?

Group by vendors – Explanation

Group by vendors - Explanation