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WordPress Plugin – WP Datepicker


  • jQuery compatible
  • Easy to implement through settings page with CSS selectors
  • Pro version is available with 3 default theme colors and a colorpicker option
  • Exceptional support is available
  • Developed according to WordPress plugin development standards
  • No conflicts with any other jQuery plugin
  • Easy to add advanced options
  • Premium Features
    • Change close text, current text, min-date, max-date
    • Inline position will display calendar beneath the field
    • Change year, month, first day, year range
    • Use custom colors and font selection
    • Multi instances can be added
    • Various datepicker styles and skins
    • Show button panel


    • Works for me! congratulations 🎉👏👏👏
      Works for me! congratulations 🎉👏👏👏

      "Acley Filho"
    • Best support
      I had a problem regarding the customization of the plugin, and they helped me to get to the right track. Surelly recommended

    • Best support
      I had a suggestion about a missing feature, I would like to have for our accommodation datepicker. The Team developed the function for the next update. Fast response rate, willing to help. Great and easy to handle free Version. Even better premium Version.

    • Just awesome!
      I found a little issue today and got in touch with Fahad the creater and maintainer of this great plugin. In just 10 minutes i had a response in my inbox and just a few hours later a version which actually worked. This kind of support is priceless! I love the plugin and I really appriciate Fahad for his attitude! Keep up the great work my friend!

    • Very good suport
      I love this plugin and the support it’s very good if you have a problem!

    • Absolute Best DatePicker Solution For WP
      I bought WP DataPicker Pro and I’m very much satisfied with it. First of all there are several calendar layouts to choose from, and all thinkable CSS elements can be easily changed within the plugin settings. With this Pro feature, you can quickly adapt the CSS of WP DatePicker so that it completely integrates with your theme CSS. Moreover, it perfectly and easily integrates with Contact 7 plugin, so there is absolutely no limit in using WP DatePicker Pro to solve any issue you have on mind. Cheers and thank you also for the great support, Fahad! Largo Winzclav This topic was modified 3 years ago by romanzy.

    • A great support
      A simple, effective plugin with cool options in the premium version. But above all a very responsive and available support. Thanks again for everything !

    • Excellent Plugin and Support
      The plugin did exactly what I needed. It’s too easy to set up with great support should you get stuck. Highly recommended. This topic was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by pietergrobler.

    • Very good plugin
      This plugin is very good. You don’t need to worry about the WordPress action hooks and jQuery scripts.

      "Coding Champion"
    • An easy and very effective plugin.
      Its installation is simple and fast. It integrates perfectly with the Contact Form 7 plugin. In the Pro version you can choose between several designs and you can also customize colors and typography. It also includes a “Code snipet” to perform even more customizations. Of course, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge to write that code. If you do not have that knowledge (as is my case), the author offers very fast and efficient assistance. He also, welcome any suggestions to improve the plugin giving it more features and options. A highly recommended plugin.

    • Good plugin but not enought features
      It’s a great plugin but if you can it would be useful to add the possibility to set minDate and maxDate in the settings for the beginners.

    • Great Plugin and Support
      I was trying to make a form that used a datepicker to enter and format the date. It then needed to send dates in the correct format to populate a new form on another site. (method=”get”). Great Support! This plugin was one of the options I was looking at, but it wasn’t playing nicely on mobile devices for me. After starting a thread in support about my problem, Fahad was quick to address my issue. With a bit of raw install testing to replicate the issue, Fahad had found the problem, retested and issued an update fixing the bug. Thank You Fahad Great Plugin! It does what its meant to do well. Makes it easy to add a datepicker to any of your forms and works across mobiles. Just follow the simple instructions and your good to go. Quick tip for anyone looking to do what I was trying to achieve: Use the type=text element for your datepicker with autocomplete=off and use the readonly attribute. Will save you a headache on mobiles.

      "Joseph Stanley-Hunt"
    • Great Plugin
      Excellent, got me out of a fix. Took me a while to figure out how to use with contact form 7, maybe better documentation in that regard is required for people who like to solve stuff themselves. Overall I’m very happy. Thank you developer!

      "Paul Scollon"
    • Easy to use and great support
      Initially the plugin had some clashes with the theme I was using. The developer was kind enough to resolve these and the plugin works great now. It’s easy to use and the pro version has some good styling options so one doesn’t have to go into the code.

    • The best Support!!
      This has resulted a very practical and useful plugin, and has the best support i have ever received from any plugin developer. 100% Recomended!!.

    • Fast and easy date picker
      The plugin was very easy to implement. Because you could identify CSS ID names and classes to generate datepicker interfaces, it provided more flexibility than the other plugins that I looked at – and was far simpler to integrate than hardcoding a Jquery snippet into wordpress for my site development project. The author went over the top for support for a single issue I identified, and responded both quickly and thoroughly.

    • Amazing Support
      Can’t say thanks enough for the assistance. Great dev who stands behind his product.

    • Superb Support
      Had an issue with the Datepicker not showing in the settings thus not able to run. Fahad responded to my request within a couple of hours (TBH I did not expect anything for a few days) and a Skype call he was able to identify the issue and able to update the code. Really can’t thank him enough as it helped me ensure there was no delay my project.

    • Fantastic support
      I downloaded this plugin as I was having difficulty with other datepicker apps and overlooked a small code error when I installed it. Without hesitation, the developer Fahad suggested a skype call to check out my site and diagnosed the problem in under 1 minute! This is great support for this plugin and I am very satisfied!

    • Great Support!
      I had an issue setting up some code and Fahad was incredibly helpful. Thank you!

    • Great with support and tips
      Got some issues but Fahad solved these when being online. Many thanx.

    • First Class support
      First Class support. All my problems fixed. 🙂

    • Starts on Monday, no option for Sunday
      Starts on Monday, no option for Sunday.

    • Excellent support
      had problems with this plugin but contacting the author via skype was the solution. Quick, nice and friendly help and the problem was fixed. Thank you so much for your support

    • Good soft better support.
      I had problems installing it on my theme but I contacted the author and I explained step by step through skype how to solve my doubts. Now it works perfectly. An exceptional support service of the best I have ever had in my life. Very good software made by a good person. Thank you

      "Jose Braña"
    • Worked perfectly in under a minute
      After dinking around with Contact Form 7’s date-picker with nothing but problems I wanted to use the JQuery UI Datepicker which I know is well supported, easy to use and easy to style. I am so glad I found Fahad’s plugin. Often in programming you hear, “It should just work, like MS Notepad” – this works like that, exactly as you expect, no fuss. And I have a tough WP install, lots of junk and plugins and customizations, etc… He has clearly quarantined his implementation to work pretty much regardless of what you have already installed. Nothing but best practices here. Great job! Will look for more from Fahad. PS Just get the Pro version. I did. Sure, you can do a lot of that stuff yourself but it really saves you time, and that time will easily be worth way more than $36 measly bucks. This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by LPP_DEV.

    • Great plugin, great support & great guy
      The plugin has an awesome look and feel – we have exprienced some issues with the implementation, but Fahad fixed that for us in no time. Highly recommended!

    • Bahut Acha
      Shukriay! Fahad Bhai …is plugin ko bnanay ka….

      "Zübeyir Muştak"
    • Excellent support
      Serious developer – helped me add features well worth the cost of the Pro version. Thanks

    • Best datepicker plugin for wordpress
      It’s beatiful! For the first time in long time i actually can use some decent datepicker, that will work for all browsers. Good work on this one, really!

    August 28, 2015

    WordPress Plugin – WP Datepicker

    With this plugin you can implement jQuery UI datepicker on a number of input fields without downloading/including/linking jQuery, jQuery UI and CSS files. You have to mention CSS selector only. Not only this, but you can add multiple selectors as comma separated values. They can be tag names, id attribute, class attribute and other relative selectors too. In its pro version you can have multiple ready to use styled user interface and a list of Google fonts. In coming versions, you will get datepicker and colorpicker options too. Your suggestions are always welcome, be in touch.