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WP Header Images


  • Header Images for Home Pages
  • Header Images for About us, Contact us and other static pages as well
  • Header Images for WooCommerce Categories and Product pages
  • Header Images for Custom Post Types


  • Great plugin and support
    I don’t know what the other reviewers are complaining about. This is a simple plugin that did exactly what I needed; set a default header image, and to be able to set special header images in any page. The first time I had a problem was almost 2 years after installation and use. The developer was responsive, and had the issue resolved very quickly. I was very impressed. Great plugin, highly recommend!

  • No good support
    With the new theme version of Leftside this long working plugin did not fit anymore! The various header images were no longer displayed or the pages were shot with the codes provided in the plugin. With the default themes it works. Unfortunately the developer didn’t offer me any real support, but wanted access via FTP data or into the whole system. Despite sending me the theme and child theme data, I received no response. Too bad! So I switched to another new plugin.

    "pe greme"
  • Does Absolutely Nothing What So Ever!
    Says it’s compatible with my version of WordPress yet no Header Image no matter what I do! Who writes the code on these things?

  • Nice Plugin and very professional support!
    Nice Plugin and very professional support!

  • Junk
    Does not work and will go away with each update

  • Works Great – Excellent Support!
    I am using WP-Header Images with the WordPress Twentyseventeen theme, and it works great. I am especially impressed by Fahad’s prompt and effective support. I sent Fahad a question by email and he responded very quickly and solved the problem for me via Skype. The CSS styling feature in this plug-in is especially useful.

  • Great
    I was looking for exactly this using Karuna theme because I couldn’t change image header per page. It works perfectly with Karuna. Thank you very much.

    "Sergi Buyolo Freitas"
  • Works perfectly and great support
    Great plugin. Works perfectly. Thanks also for the great support!

  • Didn’t work for me. Requires coding knowledge.
    Didn’t work for me. Then has lots of tabs with code in relation to modifying your theme (I’m not talking about additional css; I’m talking about actual theme editing). If we wanted to deal with code and theme editing, we wouldn’t have bothered with a plugin. Removed this plugin after wasting 15 minutes of my time.

  • Fantastic
    Great plugin and fantastic online support!!!

  • Works Great – Excellent Support
    I am using WP-Header Images with the WordPress Twentyseventeen theme, and it works great. I had trouble installing it but I contacted Fahad by email and he responded very quickly and walked me through the installation via Skype. I was really impressed by his prompt and effective support.

  • Works Perfectly
    I was looking for a replacement for the old abandoned Text Slider and this plugin did the trick! Customizable, intuitive and easy to customize – totally recommend.

  • Great support + great addition to a website
    We tried this plugin at the free level and liked it a lot. We could have left it at that but wanted the categories to have banners plus a feature not yet even available on the Pro plugin. After we upgraded to Pro, Fahad used the site we were working on to add the ability for posts to display the header associated with their category. This has now been added to the plugin for everyone. This was one of the best support experiences I’ve had with a plugin developer. Update—I added the free version to another site with an uncooperative header.php. This was resolved through another 5 star support experience. This topic was modified 2 years ago by catwingz. Reason: Second website This topic was modified 2 years ago by catwingz.

  • So helpful and amazing support
    I purchased this plugin to enable me to change the header images for the categories. After I uploaded I was not too sure how to get it to do exactly what I needed it to do. I therefore sent a message through and had a response straight away with regards to support via skype. I connected via skype to Fahad Mahmood and he straight away set it up exactly how I wanted it to work. Not only did he do this he wen above and beyond and also noticed a couple of areas that my site could be approved on and implemented this. Great plugin and even better support – 5*

  • My Favorite Plugin
    I am not sure if i am missing banner slideshow but still i love this plugin as it works as expected.

  • Messed Up My SIdebar Widgets & Settings
    After I installed/activated it, most of my widgets were removed from sidebars and left sidebar was rest to the default black background. Ugh. Lots of time wasted.

  • Absolutely Amazing!!
    I had an issue with my woocommerce header being unresponsive so I went researching for plugins. I came across “WP Header Images” which looked like it might be the answer but wasn’t sure. I them read the reviews for the plugin and took note of all of the amazing comments for about a man named Fahad who was the developer. So I sent him an email for which he replied almost instantly assuring me that he could help me. Fahad and I Skyped a day later and he resolved my issue promptly and professionally. I am glad that there are people like Fahad in this world that stand by their products and offer amazing and professional support. BTW – Fahad never asked for compensation nor did he ask that I write this review. Thanks Fahad 🙂 This topic was modified 4 years, 10 months ago by baltimoremartial.

  • Just Fantastic !
    Both the plugin and the Developper are AMAZING ! Fahad is always here to listening for suggestions and also willing to help if support needed. I strongly recommend you to give a try to his work, you will be more than happy. 🙂 Continue your good work buddy and just waiting for more, more and more !!!!! THANKS !

  • great plug-in, excellent support
    Works perfectly for my site – exactly what I am looking for, being able to customize specific header images across all pages. Also, allows you to place the header above or below the navbar depending on where you place the code. The only issue I had involved Jetpack mobile view and Fahad couldn’t have done more to ensure everything was resolved. Works a charm.

  • Great Plugin
    Thank you. This is a great plugin and your documentation is good. I was able to customize my headers with the instructions that were provided in very little time. I have been working with the twenty sixteen theme and had no problems.

  • This plug-in made my year!
    Wow! Not only was this plug-in just what I have been looking for, I also got waaay more than I was expecting in customer service when I had a few problems getting it work. Fahad responded quickly to my request and shared his screen while he helped me to troubleshoot the problem. He even saw that I needed a contact form and assisted me with that! I don’t think there is any way on Earth I can beat that for a free plug-in. So far, WP Header Images is doing exactly what it says and I’m really happy that I chose this product! Thanks a million Fahad!

  • Awesome Plugin and an Awesome Developer!!!!!!
    This plugin was exactly what I was looking and I can’t say enough how great the developer was to work with. I had trouble with the spacing after installing the plugin. Fahad was quick to respond. He updated the plugin and HE EVEN SCREEN SHARED WITH ME ON SKYPE (something that was totally unexpected) to make sure the problem was fixed since I was still having trouble after the update. Once on my site, he quickly fixed the problem (which was an error on my part… not with the plugin). I was blown away by his commitment to making sure the plugin worked as expected.

  • This plug-in is great!
    Works perfectly! After running into some trouble the developer helped me fix the problem in no time! My thank is great!!

  • The developer is very helpful!
    I was trying to have custom header image on the woocommerce page. Using the plug in and help from the developer, now the page has custom image. Thank you so much for your help! You are awesome.

  • Works well in general but can’t seem to display image for single posts?
    I changed this plugin from 3 stars to 5 stars. When I addressed the issue to Fahad, he patiently took the time and solved this issue for me. The solution was to replace: if(is_front_page() || is_home() to if(is_front_page() || is_home() || is_single()) And now single posts adopt to home page header image! Exactly what I needed. Great customer service. Thanks! This topic was modified 5 years, 9 months ago by lhsieh.

  • It’s WorkS, Greate plugin
    You just have to put in some code into the header.php.. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

  • Works supersupersuper
    You just have to put in some code into the header.php and than change the settings in your theme (design > header or something like that). Quick and easy. Thank you!

  • WP Header Images plugin
    Extremely useful plugin! Solved a big problem with my theme design. Fahad provided terrific phone support when I had questions, and even added a video tutorial to the plugin site to show others how to set it up. Great product!

  • great plugin, great assistance
    Mr. Mahmood was very understanding and helped me work on some theme issues. Very talented and skilled. People need to know about this guy! =) The plugin is so easy to use too. Just install, choose a page, choose an image, done. Always feel free to contact him for any difficulties.

  • Great support, works perfectly!!!
    I had problems using it with my theme and got immediate support by Fahad. He helped me getting it to work on my site, this is far beyond what I expected and best support!!! This is highly recommended!!! Thank you so much Fahad 🙂

June 27, 2015

WordPress Plugin – WP Header Images

It is an easy to use WordPress plugin in which you can set header images for each menu page.
WP Header Images is a WordPress plugin which helps you to choose a unique image for each menu page. Normally a menu item can be either page, post, category, product or even just a link. These menu items can be managed from WordPress Admin > Appearance > Menus.
WooCommerce categories can have unique header images by using this plugin. It was a difficult thing to manage different slideshow before, most of the times you have to be restricted for banner area for only home page. And that home banners cannot be used for all pages. By this plugin you can use unique header images for each WooCommerce category and product pages too.
WP Header Images is a great plugin to implement custom header images for each page. You can set images easily and later can manage CSS from your theme.

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