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WP Sort Order


  • Order terms
  • Order Users
  • Order Posts
  • Order Pages
  • Bulk Check/Uncheck Option
  • Order Custom Post Types
  • Order Custom Taxonomies
  • Order with Drag and Drop - jQuery ui Sortable


February 28, 2016

WordPress Plugin – WP Sort Order

WP Sort Order is a kind of unique plugin which not only provides categories, posts, custom taxonomies and custom posts sorting with drag and drop but exclusively handles users related sorting too. It is cool with taxonomies, terms and users related to multiple terms (categories, departments, jobs, types) etc. The good thing is that it uses core tables for default items and meta tables for multiple association. CROSS JOIN is used responsibly in it to manage term_relationships and meta_value. It would be a great contribution to WordPress community that such a rich functionality is being offered for FREE. I am concentrating on its user experience further to make it a must have plugin for WordPress.