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RSS Feed Widget


  • RSS Feeds can be displayed as slider
  • RSS Feeds can be used as image slider as well
  • Default, text only, image only and other options are available
  • User friendly
  • Compatible with twenty fourteen and upcoming upgrades
  • Highly customizable
  • Developed by a WordPress Mechanic
  • Exceptional support


  • Amazing Plugin Just Saved My Time
    I have used this plugin in my client’s site and its work amazing. Good Work

  • Alert! Shortcodes will work in premium version only.
    you can’t test to see if it even works you need to buy it first Seems like a scam to me

  • Best RSS widget for WordPress
    I have tested many RSS widget plugins for WordPress. This is the best. Best support and functionality.

  • best plugin rss feed
    Very good plugin. But I want an update in the future to be able to give a costume name widget, I know in the settings there, but I prefer to name the widget from widget page

  • easy RSS plugin!
    Easy to install and easy to maintain. About Fahad Mahmood, he is easily approachable and think along with solutions!

  • Easy and lite. Great support.
    I tested the plugin, and I suggested and optimisation which has been immediatly implemented ! So… Plugin adopted ! 🙂

  • Some sloppy code here
    I’ve had to contact this author a couple of times now to call out some bad coding. I wouldn’t recommend this plugin, find a different one, or make sure you go through the code essentially any time its updated.

  • Fabulous support!
    I had a crazy issue, which ended up having nothing to do with the plugin itself. Fahad responded to me within an hour, and help me fix the issue! Thank you so much for the great plugin and even better service!

  • Perfect plugin
    Great support and fast problem solving! Thanks!

  • What a joke
    Downloaded program, got it on website, did not work. No instructions, no details in how to make it work. Went to contact developer and the contact page is a big empty page that says “Have we met before?” Looked for other links on developers website and found lots of dead links. Deleting…

  • definitely one of the best plugins in its field – and the support is awesome
    first of all – i have to confess: This RSS Feed Widget with customizable slider is definitely one of the best rss-plugin so far. This is an incredible plugin from an even incredible author! i would give 10 stars! Do you need an RSS-Plugin then the right plugin is here. Here is the plugin you need! I am sure the RSS Feed Widget with customizable slider is simply one of the very best WordPress RSS plugins. Super easy to use and super-super powerful. You can do alot with this plugin. i have to confess: This RSS-Plugin is definitely one of the best rss-plugin so far. out there. It is really overwhelming to see what it does: Very easy to use and simplicity enables me to start using it almost immediately after installed it. I even don’t use all of the features in this great plugin: but I just have to tell you that I absolutely love the Plugin very much. And the best thing is: the Support is overwhelming: Fahad Mahmood is just an email away – the develoer rocks!!! and gives you a helping hand. Again – if possible – i would give 10 stars – Many many thanks dear Fahad Mahmood – for the great plugin. Plz keeep up the superb Project – it rocks!! This topic was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by say_hello.

  • Kudos!
    Works for me. Had a bit of a problem with the feed from one of my sites and ran the feed through Feedburner and used that generated URL which solved the problem.

  • It simply works!
    Works like a charm!

  • Really good for displaying 3rd party feeds
    Saves your time, its a great plugin. Everything seems working and awesome.

    "Coding Champion"
  • Breaks the theme
    I tried this plugin and didn’t like it because it breaks the theme – I am using a child theme and somehow this plugin blocks the child CSS style, so after activation I had the parent theme CSS style active. As soon as I disabled the plugin, everything was back as before.

  • Works great, very cool
    This is a very cool feature to add to your blog/site! It’s simple, looks good and adds a unique, interesting, element to your site. (I watch it on my own sites sometimes.) Thank you for a cool feature/plugin

  • Super
    Implemented here saraybosna üniversitesi

  • Would be great, if could have link to post!!!
    Everything seems awesome with this plugin, until I realize there’s no links to the posts! Like the most simple default feature that should be included with any RSS feed widget. Dumbfounded.

  • Superb
    Superb widget. Check this out so that you can also open Rss feed links in new tab. How to add RSS feeds widget to WordPress and open RSS links to new tab

  • Not good for displaying your own feeds
    I wanted a better to display the three most recent posts from a specific category feed in the sidebar of my site, and this seemed like a great fit. However, every feed item it showed began with something along the lines of “This article was first posted on [MyWebsiteName]” including repeating the article title. I wanted people to see an excerpt or a few lines they’d be interested in clicking, to draw attention to specific posts on my website, not a reminder that we authored the post. Tried all combinations of settings, and still got the same unwanted results.

  • Serious Permissions Hack in Plugin – Needs repair
    The Plugin when installed gives all users including basic users Admin rights. There is no reason this should work this way. Users don’t install this plugin until it has been properly corrected.

  • Best Rss Plugin With Images
    I have tried almost every RSS plugin and this one is the only one that is able to pull in images correctly. Save yourself some time this plugin is great!

  • See it in action!
    Implemented here, URL: http://www.websitedesignwebsitedevelopment.com/wordpress/widgets/rss-feed-widget

    "Fahad Mahmood"
February 1, 2014

WordPress Widget – RSS Feed Widget

RSS Feed Widget with customizable slider. Feed title, description, image and many other things which you can control.
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