WordPress Plugin

Easy Upload Files During Checkout


  • Meet WordPress plugins development standards
  • Allow buyers to attach (allowed) documents during checkout process
  • Developed by WooCommerce verified plugin developer
  • No need to enable upload feature manually on every product
  • Simply managed with WooCommerce hooks
  • Compatible with Genesis Themes
  • Compatible with Woo Themes
  • Prompt on invalid file-type uploaded (managed from admin side settings)
  • Prompt on file-size exceeding (managed from admin side settings)
  • Exceptional support
July 8, 2014

Easy Upload Files During Checkout

WordPress Plugin – WordPress Upload Files During Checkout

Allow buyers to attach reference work, requirement documents and other important helping material for seller to finish the product before delivery. Sometimes buyers want to suggest some wrapping material, color scheme, portrait to print on t-shirt etc. This plugin will help in this regard.

Free Download | Demo Link
If you want to see the demo, please use demo link given above. Add items to cart and the view cart. You will see browse button with the following caption “Do you have something to attach?”. Once your order will be created, the uploaded file will be appeared in admin against your order. Admin will view it and can understand your requirements through provided document better.

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