February 29, 2012

What is the purpose of cladding in an optical fiber

There are two layers of optical fiber, the inner layer and the outer layer. A data travel through inner layer which is consisting of central hollow material is known as core which is denser; it’s made of either glass or a plastic. This core is covered by a less dense material known as cladding the outer layer that can also be made of glass of a plastic. Cladding and core as made of less dense and denser material respectively with such a combination (adjustment of density) that helps the light to reflect back to the inner surface of core. It doesn’t allow the light to refract. And light keep goes on towards destination.

Purpose of cladding in an optical fiber:
It is necessary to keep the light reflecting in core instead of being refracted, because we need it to pass on to destination from source. And when light enters from denser material into less dense material the cladding so it changes its angel, it reflects back the light in core. This is the reason that core is denser and outer layer is less dense.

Last updated: March 19, 2014