March 10, 2012

Entrepreneurship in Pakistan

Disclaimer: This post is not related to any political or anti government activity. It was an assignment to do a critical analysis of current situation in the country regarding Entrepreneurship. This is posted in March 2012 and reflects the situation of that time. Author does not guarantee of any statistics provided in it. No claims can be made against this post or this website. For details, please checkout our disclaimer section.


I my view its vision not the concern of starting a business. Its an effort to combine excellent talent start a voyage towards success. Entrepreneurship is not an inspiration or reaction to demand and supply graph but to come up with a different vision to serve in better way. May be my views looks childish but if you compare facebook and twitter so just check them now, initially everybody said that twitter comes up as copy of facebook status update but twitter is completely different and sleek vision.

Entrepreneurs are beneficial for Pakistan’s economy?

Yes, beneficial for Pakistan’s economy because traditional businessmen couldn’t save the labor from effects of worldwide economical factors. Entrepreneurs certainly given a good stand to youth, i deliberately say that due to Telecom and IT industry a large no. of homes in Pakistan are surviving in this economical crisis. Else all the other sectors are really sinking in corruption or overloaded. What a dr. can do? and what an engineer can do without bribery? So a clean vision should come in front and lead the rest.

About to start a new business:

Don’t start a business now because economic situation is really bad now a days. Value of Rs. is going down, either you will exploit public badly by providing low quality product or you will bear loss in order to serve the public. Corruption will make you corrupt, you will pay ransom sometimes. A no. of taxes which will be applied to you in different ways. Current situation is not good to do a business, just save your money and wait for the next govt. or any good time if ever come in this country.

Education plays an important role in starting a new business venture in Pakistan?

I agree because business venture is a combination of all technical and non-technical requirements. So every aspect and all personnel should be enough educated to operate well. Then doesn’t matter that owner is educated much or not as we experienced in past that uneducated CEO’s were much successful with just a vision and their talented managers took responsibility of all the operations.

Education plays an important role in starting a new business venture outside of Pakistan?

I don’t have any idea regarding outside of Pakistan because political factors there and especially ethnicity factors would be different. SWAT analysis will be different. I can’t say anything about outside the Pakistan. But one thing is clear that here in Pakistan if you need to open a departmental store to win the market so outside the Pakistan you can survive only by supply of a single commodity only. Outside the Pakistan, every single commodity is important but in Pakistan except few sectors, you have to provide a complete package or sometimes mega packages to attract customers.

Does the education system in Pakistan provide young people with the right skills to become entrepreneurs?

No, Our teachers are much depressed, they should encourage the free thoughts. They are captured in social chains and teach the same things. They should encourage the ideas and we should arrange few lectures by successful businessmen and entrepreneurs too. Then students will get understanding that why should we study a specific chapter more carefully and how?
Why business communication is important?
Why OOP concepts are important or why should we concentrate on engineering instead of coding?

What should the government do to encourage young people to start new business ventures?

Start from micro level, don’t give loans of millions but thousands. Encourage and approve only working ideas, invite the scholars, observers, compare demand and supply. Try to use the existing skills first, govt. arranged hatcheries for software engineers. What old skills people should do? Who did commerce degrees etc?

Govt. should arrange such a challenging competition in which people will give idea with responsibility and complete homework. They will come up with feasibility of just a few thousand expense and how much people will get job and attractive income at day end? That idea should be encouraged and govt. should give incentive to that idea and the same thing should be applied country wide. By this new brains will come in front to manage/help the others. They will think that how the existing labor and skill set be utilized in our social life?

By this, we can overcome the bad situation within months.

What should education establishments do to encourage young people to start new business ventures?

They should revise the course, consult to the firms which are hiring the fresh people. What are the important things are they expecting from the fresh talent? We should educate our students those things instead of divide and conquer rules and binary search tree etc. I am not criticizing the material available but are we still stuck in 2MB memory, or some kilobytes? We have to move forward, history should be with us but not more than 20% of the lectures. Here we mostly have 80% of the lectures with 10years back or even 20years back researches. What apple is doing now? We will be studying in coming 30years when apply will launch an invisible iphone.

What should existing and established businesses do to encourage young people to start new business ventures?

They should observe closely that which department is overburdened and instead of taking a big office they should take another office. Like an extension of that office. Hire a mixture of experienced and fresh people there. Give the responsibility of that department to responsible personnel of the same company. By this, that company will have a backup department and new people will experience entirely new experience. Another benefit of this arrangement will be the discouragement of politics in organization.

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