September 15, 2011

Pspell Extension

Pspell functions allow us to check the spelling of a word and offer suggestions.

  • pspell_add_to_personal — Add the word to a personal wordlist
  • pspell_add_to_session — Add the word to the wordlist in the current session
  • pspell_check — Check a word
  • pspell_clear_session — Clear the current session
  • pspell_config_create — Create a config used to open a dictionary
  • pspell_config_data_dir — location of language data files
  • pspell_config_dict_dir — Location of the main word list
  • pspell_config_ignore — Ignore words less than N characters long
  • pspell_config_mode — Change the mode number of suggestions returned
  • pspell_config_personal — Set a file that contains personal wordlist
  • pspell_config_repl — Set a file that contains replacement pairs
  • pspell_config_runtogether — Consider run-together words as valid compounds
  • pspell_config_save_repl — Determine whether to save a replacement pairs list along with the wordlist
  • pspell_new_config — Load a new dictionary with settings based on a given config
  • pspell_new_personal — Load a new dictionary with personal wordlist
  • pspell_new — Load a new dictionary
  • pspell_save_wordlist — Save the personal wordlist to a file
  • pspell_store_replacement — Store a replacement pair for a word
  • pspell_suggest — Suggest spellings of a word
Last updated: March 19, 2014