March 3, 2012



Multiplexing is used in that situation where we have to combine multiple analog message signals or digital data streams over a shared medium instead of dedicated medium. The situation in fact comes up with sharing of the same medium for more than one purpose. Such a way it divides the capacity of the low-level communication channel into several higher-level logical channels, one for each message signal or data stream to be transferred, so multiplexing accomplish the requirement by this way.

Explanation with working example:
There are different types of multiplexing and for a working example we can take the example of video editing and processing systems, the multiplexing is the process of interleaving audio and video into one coherent MPEG transport to which we call the time-division multiplexing, a type of multiplexing.

And if we take the example of telephone line from telecommunications industry, the same telephone line may be carried several calls.

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