January 2, 2014

I am a Software Engineer or I am a PHP Developer

I am a Software Engineer or I am a PHP Developer

This was an obvious question among my circle whenever i met with a colleague who was developing applications in PHP. It was hard to explain that if someone is good in R&D or by any means can develop a good application so he is a software engineer or not?

Although, we all are from computer science field or at least came up with a logical thinking that’s why growing here. But still its a difficult thing to segregate the development from software engineering. Almost all of us are having the title of Developer now a days but still we feel proud to be called a Software Engineer. May be the reason is the word “Engineer” lolz. In my opinion we neither Software Engineers nor PHP Developer but we all are hackers. We are using a neat and clear word R&D (Research and Development) instead of hacking. Else our every single attempt is a hacking attempt. Which pattern we are following fully? Never following a framework, CMS (Content Management System), open-source’s documentation or API’s complete recommendations? We just hack the functionality mostly and give it a go. We are getting the problems over odesk and bidding one after one. Ever we quoted as it should be?

Everyone is just looking towards a smart and the least time taking solution, one thing should be clear that solution is nothing except hacking. So, leave the comparison of software engineering and web development. Just think about the procedures which we studied earlier and we thought that we would be following them. But as hurry as possible we are delivering the projects, finishing the tasks, solving the problems and fixing the issues are almost out of track from software engineering.

One simple rule you can use to assess that you are engineering or hacking is; if you remove a hurdle from your way and still the environment remain clean and smooth as it was or as it was expected so its engineering or a good fix else you hacked it and there is no U turn now. You have made the situation disposable, if you will further modify or even touch it so it will stop working. I must say that its not software engineer and also not web development but a bad problem solving approach. If we don’t have time to follow the procedures and rules of software engineering so at least avoid patches because patch means that there is no further way. Ok, lets come back to the topic that i am a software engineer of a PHP developer.

One thing should be very clear, if you can suggest a good solution instead of searching the ready-made one every-time on Google even Google is not giving you the one so you are a Software Engineer else you are not. Thank you guys to keep me studying. Your comments are always appreciated.


Last updated: March 19, 2014