November 10, 2015

Ready for TechHub Cycle 10th August 2015

What i wrote to apply?
I have spent 9+ years in job and felt that the growth was retarded. Freelancing give you and opportunity to explore new technologies and tasks you love to do. Finally you get a unique identity on web which is an asset undoubtedly. In job i wasn’t able to relax even after doing really impressive tasks but still was getting the same salary and for each increment you have to switch or get 10% annually.
Environment is the most important ingredient in Plan9 TechHub which help you to think and shape your ideas into a deliverable solution. It will help me to arrange my tasks well and delegate work to others too. Another advantage is knowledge sharing, mentor-ships and other visionary activities which help you to think beyond routine work and limited mental approach. There is a chance if your idea worth then it can be welcomed as a project for incubators.
A well managed entrepreneur who will be delegating his work to the team and multiplying the productivity with the same quality which is currently being offered by a single resource.

Social & Professional Profiles:

Working on a couple of products including and at the moment. My free and premium plugins support is another active side. I write a blog too which will be more purposive when i will have peace of mind in a good environment.

Last updated: December 19, 2015