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WordPress Plugin – Chameleon


  • Contact Form 7
  • Gravity Forms
  • WooCommerce
  • BuddyPress
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Chameleon
  • Styling
  • Themes
  • Layout
  • Github


  • Multiple Awesome Design
    There are Multiple Awesome Design for some other wordpress plugins. Mr. Fahad Mahmood have assist me to install this plugin by join skype call. He was a very helfull person. I am impressed for the nice support.

  • Doesn’t work!
    Doesn’t work! I click one of the themes and nothing happens!

  • What does it do?
    Installed it, clicked a plugin style and…..nothing happened. There is no documentation to tell me what to do now, nothing visible happened and no new settings were found anywhere. But I’m glad it didn’t seem to mess anything up either.

  • Developer is so supportive and passionate about improving plugin
    I had an error but the developer, Mr. Mahmood, fixed it for me in one day. I think it is amazing. Thank you for great plugin and videos.

  • One stop solution for developers
    Like many other successful products, Chameleon was developed for personal usage because it was a troubling moment to style the forms separately. Now we can simply install Chameleon to deploy the project and can concentrate on other important modules instead of compromising on amateur layouts.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
January 20, 2017

WordPress Plugin – Chameleon

Chameleon is a revolutionary convenience among WordPress plugin world, it’s an idea to provide easy styling for all kind of layout templates. It helps you to choose a unique theme for your favorite plugin, form, templates and themes. Initially a few famous plugins are added in compatibility list but later more plugins will be added. To bring freshness in styles and features, we are using GitHub so public can participate in styles too. People can push their own styles and/or corrections in existing list. We are excited to offer this idea especially for WordPress default twenty series theme. WordPress audience will must like this ready to go thing.