WordPress Plugin

Alphabetic Pagination


Basic Features

  • Language selection
  • Alphabets Grouping
  • Auto Implementation
  • Specific DOM & CSS selectors
  • Custom DOM & CSS selectors
  • Display Empty Alphabets (ON/OFF)
  • Hide/Show pagination if only one post available (ON/OFF)
  • Styles and Templates (Using WordPress Plugin Chameleon)
  • Manage settings page with Android App (Google Play Store)

Premium Features

  • Custom Implementation
  • Shortcodes for Users List
  • Shortcodes for Pagination
  • Shortcodes for Listing/Results
  • jQuery/JS based one page listing and pagination


  • Best A-Z listing plug-in in the world
    This is the most functional and user friendly plug-in for A-Z Listing. I highly recommend it for your website. Thank you so much Fahad and your supportive ways. May you forever stay blessed.

  • Nice plugin, works well sorting WooCommerce products
    Nice plugin, works well sorting WooCommerce products alphabetically. At first I was unable to add the A-Z to my sidebar, but Fahad responded quickly to my request for help and resolved the problem in minutes. Great Support. Thank you Fahad!

  • Soporte y atención excepcional
    Un gran soporte y ayuda, rapidez y buen trabajo. Muchas gracias — Great support and help, speed and good work. Thanks a lot

  • The best support
    Very quickly helped to solve a problem that I myself tried to solve in vain for several days

  • It has Help me indexing A to Z of my products
    That is very helpful plugin. It has Help me indexing A to Z of my products. Mr Fahad Mahmood was superior for assist me. He solve my problem within 10 minute by an skype call. Thanks Mr. Fahad Mahmood for your awesome support.

  • The plugin does not work in the free version
    What a waste of my time! The plugin is useless. The functions that the plugin offers in the free version can be easily solved without it. I don’t understand why the author asks for money? Зря потраченное время. Плагин бесполезен. Те функции, которые плагин предлагает в бесплатной версии, можно легко решить без него. Я не понимаю за что автор просит деньги?

  • Great and fast support!
    The plug-in wasn’t working as expected because of the used theme but Fahad fixed it the same day. Now it’s doing exactly what it is supposed to do!

  • Alphabetic Pagination Not Working
    Contacted Fahad regarding Alphabetic Pagination not working on my website. The man was phenomenal. Even though it was 2:00 am in Pakistan, he got up, we chatted on Skype, and within minutes he had made a slight code change and all was perfect. He definitely sets the bar for excellence in customer support. Thanks, Fahad. Bob This topic was modified 1 year, 3 months ago by laingrt5586773046.

  • Super Plugin and Great Support
    This plugin is really cool. And the support was very fast and perfect. thank you very much for your help..

  • Meaningless!!!! time waste, Don`t work
    Meaningless!!!! time waste, Don`t work This topic was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by ajaygorecha.

  • Excellent plugin with excellent support
    I needed a pagination for my WordPress site and Alpha pagination is the perfect fit. The support is excellent as the developer was quick to answer any of my questions. I highly recommend that you get the PRO version!

  • Nice Plugin
    It is a very nice plugin and support too. This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by Ray Wood. This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by Ray Wood.

    "Ray Wood"
  • Great support
    Fahad is very helpful, and worked with me to resolve my issues. Thank you!

  • Don`t work out of the box on any page of site
    If you want it – you will have to pay for it. Pity.

  • Fastest support and fixing
    Thank you very much! You make internet better!

  • Wow! Amazing support
    Thank you!

    "Rebecca Markowitz"
  • Amazing Support
    Best customer support ever! Whatever issues you may have, they will be sure to help you (no matter how long it takes!). Awesome experience.

  • Don’t Support Bengali
    I use this plugin, but its make me sad because this plugin didn’t support my language Bengali. I hope Mr. Fahad solved this issue as soon as possible. Thanks.

    "Taher Almahdi"
  • Great plugin with outstanding support.
    Wanted to list a series of custom post types in an A-Z listing so bought the Pro version of this plugin. However, due to the complex nature of my request it would not function properly so I sent an email to support. I was amazed when I got an instant answer and then Fahad even suggested a Skype call to help. This resulted in Fahad spending a large amount of time diagnosing and solving my issue – to which I cannot thank him enough as it enabled us to not loose my time and get back to developing our site. Keep up the good work.

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    Does the job without changing theme or plugins. I used it for WooCommerce brands and product categories. Great plugin I can recommend.

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  • Great Support
    I had some issues regarding the plugin, so I contacted the developer, Mr.Fahad. He found out that Alphabetic Pagination did not have compatibilty with marketpress and then he added this feature to help all the marketpress users take advantage of the plugin. This plugin is what I have been wanting to add to my site and I highly recommend others to use this plugin. Thanks to the developer for the plugin and great support. This topic was modified 4 years, 2 months ago by beepana.

    First off let me say the developer is one of the most genuinely inspiring people I have ever met. Truly committed to what he does not just to make the client happy but to go beyond and innovate the entire community. On just a personal basis he inspired me and his English was fantastic. On a developer level he is easily the best I have worked with and I have worked with many developers before. His products are all products you will want to watch. He is continuously upgrading them and he loves what he does. This guy is definitely the real deal I am so happy I purchased this plugin. PS. This is the only plugin that does A to Z listing that will be upgraded continually with this quality in the whole wordpress community. The only runner up is A to Z listing and its features are bland at best. Secondly, Cameleon pro is the only plugin that does designs features that integrate into so many other plugins. I have checked and all the other plugins are not near the same quality nor are currently updated. I will be staying tuned to all future developments from Fahad Mahmood.

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    Alpha pagination works perfectly and as needed. When I had trouble getting it to work with a complex WordPress template, the developer chatted with me through the process until it was working. Get the PRO version — support developers!

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    Fahad responded quickly to my email and provided support over Skype to help get the Plugin: Alphabetic Pagination working on my site! I love how the plugin functions and Fahad went over and beyond normal customer service. He was professional and courteous in chatting with him over Skype. I would recommend ANY of his products! Thank you again for all your help. I greatly appreciated it!!!

  • Great support even for a FREE plugin.
    I have contacted the author of the plugin, i had some issues in regard to getting the FREE version to work with pagination. He helped out in all aspects and got me up and running. Helped me to setup the plugin in the exact way i want. Very good support.

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June 2, 2013

WordPress Plugin – Alphabetic Pagination

Alphabetic pagination is a great plugin to filter your posts/pages with alphabets. It is simple to use and easy to understand for customization. You can choose horizontal or vertical layout settings and alphabets lower/uppercase settings. It is coded to provide you the ultimate convenience that you will save your time instead of customizing the queries. It ensures the security measures required to be a good addition in WordPress Plugins collection.

Alphabetic pagination was a missing feature in most of the blogs although our clients were asking it many times. Mostly we the developers use taxonomy and tags to fulfill this requirements but still there are a lot of users who want plug and play solution. So pagination in such easy way of filtering is now available in shape of alphabetic filtering. Alphabetic sorting was not a big challenge from the day first because of MySQL ORDER BY ASC or DESC but still a beauty of catalog was missing all over themes. Alphabet listing is somewhere simple in this plugin v.0.1 but will be improved according to the feedback of valued fans. Sorting posts and sorting pages with alphabetic navigation will be a fun now. Must try it and don’t forget to rate it.

WordPress Plugin - Alphabetic Pagination

How to install?


  1. Go to your wordpress admin “yoursite.com/wp-admin”
  2. Login and then access “yoursite.com/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload
  3. Upload and activate this plugin
  4. Now go to admin menu -> settings -> Alphabetic Pagination
  5. Choose your layout and case settings
  6. Make sure that its working fine for you and don’t forget to give your feedback


  1. Download the Alphabetic Pagination installation package and extract the files on your computer.
  2. Create a new directory named `Alphabetic Pagination` in the `wp-content/plugins` directory of your WordPress installation. Use an FTP or SFTP client to upload the contents of your Alphabetic Pagination archive to the new directory that you just created on your web host.
  3. Log in to the WordPress Dashboard and activate the Alphabetic Pagination plugin.
  4. Once the plugin is activated, a new **Alphabetic Pagination** sub-menu will appear in your WordPress admin -> settings menu.

How to use?

Testimonial by Brryce Axelrad

General Settings

How to use WordPress Plugin Alphabetic Pagination


Additional Shortcodes

Permission > Allowed Pages

Need help? > Contact Developer

A Quick Example:

Try default settings with selection of category in first drop down and all other as default. Then enter 4 or 5 posts in a category.


In category “A”, add posts starting with different alphabets.

Posts titles like:

1- This is a post starting with “T”.
2- Another post starting with “A”.
3- Do you get it that how AP working? Its another post with “D”.
4- I think, you can make it work easily. To see this post, click on “I”.

Tags: alphabetic pagination, pagination, filtering, alphabetic filtering, alphabetic sorting, alphabet listing, sorting posts, sorting pages, alphabetic navigation


Click here to download

Did it helped? 16 thoughts on “WordPress Plugin – Alphabetic Pagination
  1. Ali

    Hi Fahad,
    Thank you for this great plugin.
    I intend to apply this plugin to categories on my site. I was wondering if it is possible to exclude some categories or in other words, is it possible to set the plugin to only a selection of categories?
    I appreciate your response.
    Best wishes,

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Ali,

      Thank you for the appreciation. Yes it is possible, it will require another multiple select list to be there along-with taxonomy list. You will click on categories and the categories list will be appeared. Then you can do this job. I will work on it soon. You can manage by CSS display none etc. till then. I hope you will understand? Or you can alter the code as well if you are a coder. I am a little busy in these days so can’t release another feature immediately.


  2. Jorge Seerra

    Hi i really need this plugin but for somereason its no working for me do you have any idea?

    thank you!!!

  3. Katja

    Do you have the possibility to ad Norwegian as language?
    Thank you for the great plugin! 😀

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, we can add Norwegian as language. If you are interested, see the language folder inside this plugin and create a new file. Try it at your end, i will add it to next build.

  4. Katja

    I just upgraded to WP 3.8.
    All of a sudden the pagination shows up several times.
    Looking at the source indicates that there is something very wrong probably with jQuery.
    Also console.log which gives me “jQuery is not defined”.

    1. admin Post author

      Please provide the URL so i can suggest you the solution. You might be using some repeated DOM selector e.g. “.content”. If this class will be used repetitively so pagination will display many times.

  5. Khader Handal


    I would like to ask you, is it possible to use this plugin on a template that uses custom post type??
    because I am trying to use your plugin, but it is not working.

    even in the taxonomy list I can’t find my custom post type.

    Does it takes time to solve this ??

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for using this plugin. Yes, it is possible to use this plugin on a template that uses custom post type. Can you please provide me the URL where are you implementing this plugin and its settings screenshot which you are using? I guess that you might be missing DOM position to display alphabets if everything else is fine. I would like to help you out if this plugin is fulfilling your requirements.

  6. dgv

    Great plug in, I was looking for this for a long time, but it does not display on my site. Please help.

    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, please provide the URL where is it not working?

  7. Dmitri

    Please help me with plugin, my template does not show it.

    Thank you

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, sure. Please send me the URL via contact form.

      1. Dmitri

        This is my site rrpwe.com, site is in Russian, template does not show alphabet. Please help.

        Thank you

  8. Janeth

    Hi there,

    I was taking a look at your plugin and it seems to be just what I need for my website. But I am not sure how to implement it with my custom taxonomy terms. currently my custom post types are displaying if I go to: examplesite.com/my_taxonomies/stay, ( examplesite.com/[taxonomy_slug]/[term_slug] ). So, my question is, in order to display the alphabetical pagination, should I create a taxonomy template named taxonomy-my_taxonomies.php to add the pagination manually? if so, how? I tried just adding the shortcode but I know I am missing some queries, I am just so new to all this that I have no idea how to start. Could you please help me? Thanks in advance,


    1. admin Post author


      Yes, i can help you. Can you please mention your URL so i can look into it? You can send me the testing credentials via contact form if its easy for you.

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