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May 29, 2013

WordPress Plugin – WordPress Mechanic

WordPress mechanic is a combination of FAQ feeds, blogging, consolidated tips and suggestions from WordPress gurus on your dashboard. You don’t need to Google every small issue, just browse with your WordPress mechanic or ask a new question if you are tired of searching and still not getting the desired answer. You are welcome to query anything, WordPress mechanic will provide you the ultimate support. This plugin will bridge the gap for developer who don’t have time to go to community sites and search for questions to answer. They will see the questions on their dashboard and will reply to you. You can appreciate them through the same way, every answer will have a donate link of relevant user. That can be anyone, either a developer or any WordPress geek. By this both users and developers will save their time. The idea behind this plugin is to speedup the learning process. People will ask anything without hesitation either a newbie thing. But we will moderate questions and answers because we are here to deliver the value so quality matters.


1- You can ask questions to WordPress experts.

2- You can learn WordPress in better way without hesitation.

3- If you are a WordPress expert, then you can reply to the answers and put your donate link in specific field. If user will love your support, you might be appreciated.

4- WordPress Mechanic API is in testing phase as beta version so that will be launched soon. But still questions can be asked and a no. of WordPress experts are available to help you on your dashboard.

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