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  • Breadcrumb bar is available for a better navigation.
  • Front end refresh based files browser.
  • Front end ajax based browsing.
  • Document preview and thumbnails available for most file types.
  • Multiple directory views are available, also with the shortcodes.
  • Multiple instances are possible with the shortcodes, icons, list and details.
  • Posts created for each new directory and your library items will be considered as file items using meta fields for post efficiently.
  • The ability to create unlimited, edit and delete directories and sub-directories.
  • A smooth navigation experience based on jQuery/Ajax instead of page refresh. This is a premium feature.
  • Each folder can have a separate shortcode so you can use different pages for different directory listing and files inside.
  • Folder icon and title size can be changed in pixels or percentage from settings page.


  • Perfect

  • Great Plugin even Better Support
    WP Docs is a great tool for document management for front end users. Fahad the developer provided fantastic support when I used the tool in a different way than intended, helped me to get everything working just right and replied speedily every time, first class.

  • WP Docs
    I would like to say thank you very much Fahad and you team for this WP Docs plugin. Your team went out of its way to make this plugin the way we want it. Thank you very much once again!!

  • Great plugin. Simple and light
    Very simple and effective plugin. Just what I was searching for. Only minus is that I find the premium version very expensive. But for sure great job!

  • Fantastic to create & manage a document library
    so easy to use and have all docs in one place. Developer responds quickly to suggested improvements. Hopefully more to come.

  • Great plugin, fast and light weight.
    Stumbled across this plugin and though I would try it. Very happy, works well has just the right features for listing documents without the bloat. Developer was very responsive when ask to sort by title. Thank you Fahad.

  • Its amazing for UI developers
    I can easily manage its front-end customization and client can take care of back-end complex directory structure. It was a headache to manage the things with categories and pages on front. Its better to use a shortcode. Huge thanks for this plugin, i am expecting some ready made front-end themes either free or premium but it will save a lot of time to customize front-end. I hope that other users will vote up for my request too. Keep up the good work.

    "Coding Champion"
  • Perfect for complex directory structure
    Updated version can handle unlimited directory/files browsing by jQuery on front-end. Admin side is still limited to 10+ depth in nested sub-directory level.

    "Fahad Mahmood"
  • Thanks
    Simple and fast.

February 4, 2016

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