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WP Responsive Tabs Pro


  • Tabs can be implemented with "shortcodes"
    Note: Every tabs set will have its own unique code and you can use it anywhere in theme template.
  • Number of tabs can vary for each post/page.
  • Number of tabs can be limited by the parameter "tabs" in shortcode
  • Each post/page will have its own tabs set with title and with description textareas.
  • Each tab set is JS/jQuery based; so it will allow you to add as many as tabs in a section.
  • Tabs plugin is available as a metabox under the content area of post/page.
  • Each tab set will generate its own unique shortcode and can be implemented manually in theme/template or in content editor above. That unique short code will grab the titles and text for that tabs section.
  • Tabs CSS is manageable, if unique tabs CSS exists then it will be on priority else the default one will be applied to all tab sets.
  • Plugin is responsive
  • Ensured no crashes, no conflicts with any other plugin, jquery or js based script.
  • Ensured no crashes, no conflicts with any other CSS files/classes as well.
  • Plugin is developed on WordPress recommended guidelines; so it will be compatible with upcoming versions of WordPress.
  • Compatibility check has been performed with single WordPress installation and multisite as well. Please see the screenshots gallery.
  • PHP helper function add_tab('title', 'description') provide you push the tabs in a stack as FIFO manner. Just keep pushing the tabs including html and render the tabs calling do_tabs(); anywhere in your script.
  • Available in shape of a plugin (installable), so can be used in other WordPress installations in future
July 19, 2014

WP Responsive Tabs Pro

WordPress Plugin – WP Responsive Tabs Pro

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WP Responsive Tabs Pro is an easy way to create tabs for unique posts/pages and feel freedom to use them anywhere in your content or files. This plugin provides a metabox on post/pages under content editor. It is handy to generate x number of tabs which can be used in editor or files with shortcode and do_shortcode respectively. Every shortcode has a unique group ID which will grab the tabs content of that particular post/page. Shortcode gets a parameter or orientation which allow you to use it as horizontal or vertical. Every tab can have its own unique CSS by inspecting its DOM element attribute ID or class, both are unique. It is responsive and works fine with devices.

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