February 19, 2013

HTML5 Game: Hope of a Bug (HOAB)


HTML5 Game: Hope of a Bug (HOAB)

HOAB is short form of Hope of a Bug. This name is suggested by a child. Zarrar Mahmood was doing QA of this game while i was developing it. HOAB HTML5 became its identity as a logo and branding visuals. As it is a HTML5 Game with the title Hope of a Bug. Its punch line is “Need to be quicker than the fast!” developed by Fahad Mahmood who is not much famous in Game Development yet. HTML5 Game Development is not yet known as separate field for developers. The developers who were working in JavaScript and JQuery are in fact doing some Games now in HTML5. Either their work is related to testing scripts, Games Tutorial or JQuery Examples. Android OS became and hot item from last few years. People couldn’t use it well yet. Developers couldn’t exploited it like other technologies yet. But still Android Applications are available large in number.

Many gaming engines based on JavaScript exist. Developers are making games in those frameworks but the problem is their support. Everybody comes up with a new framework and customized methodologies but whenever a stackoverflow or some forum being demanded from those so their founders gone offline. Problem is only funds, every developer want to be secured. I can’t mention the gaming engines names and their founders names. Because they are much busy in their routine and don’t have time to even reply the emails if any followers use their framework and want to give them a tribute.
Hope of a Bug which is known as HOAB HTML5 is basically a project of AndroidBubbles.com. Fahad Mahmood PHP Developer developed this game including branding. HOAB is being appreciated widely in developers community. Its presentation is also available on slideshare.net.

There is another issue of continents which is a nightmare for developers. Asian developers are much faster than the others but rarely we see all of them together. Asian developers are developing the apps quickly and working in hurry. On other hand income is slow because of unavailability of PayPal and similar services. Developers in Asia are working for the US, UK, Canada and Australia but they are unable to present their own portfolio. Reasons are different, sometimes the reason is NDA and sometimes the reasons are untold including threats from the management. Many important modules and snippets which are helpful to all development community are still hidden just because of non-sharing culture. Developers don’t feel safe even if they present themselves with some content. No copyrights and cyber laws are there to protect them. If a client don’t want to continue the project and also not interested in keeping his project live so developer’s whole work even for years gone wasted. He is not allowed to show that work to anybody and also can not refer as well. The situation comes to a serious point when an application developer is experienced and his experience can not be guessed in a few hours interview. So this is a good way to showcase his skills that he develop such small modules. In which he can present his skills and project understanding as well. A little more effort can bring him in searches and can give him much more than an updated boring resume. HOAB is an example of such effort, in HOAB HTML5 the developer maintained the image of a product including branding. He provided the wallpapers of all kind of resolutions best known to him. He invited his circle to join and comment on his game. He deliberately dedicated this game to one of his senior colleague Mr. Kashif Ahmed who worked or a reputed software company. Developer of the game HOAB HTML5 got inspired by Kashif Ahmed because he alone was working on flash, flex and related technologies including phone applications but his company didn’t recognized his skills and let him go when he requested to review his salary package. At the same time HOAB HTML5 game developer dedicate this game to all of those developers who don’t get enough time to maintain their resume and worked in days and nights for the companies but at the end they have nothing in their portfolio to show further.

HOAB HTML5 Tweets by AndroidBubbles.com

HOAB HTML5 will be available with compatibility in all modern browsers soon. Keep in touch.
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