June 6, 2016

GP Framework

GP Framework

Guava Pattern – A WordPress Theme Development Framework
Apparently it looks just an options framework but its much more than that.
Default Features:

  1. Zero Configuration Required
  2. No need to enqueue CSS and JS files. Its automatic.
  3. Repeater fields functionality added.
  4. It can handle multilingual websites without using any plugin like WPML etc.
  5. It is compatible with all WordPress themes and other frameworks which are coded on WordPress development standards. You can use it with any of them to bring ease in your life.
  6. A simple placeholder function creates an option panel item with all CRUD operations without any headache.
  7. Its available on github and you can update its core with a couple of clicks within its panel. No need to worry about upcoming features and compatibility.
  8. Bootstrap and FontAwesome are available as default features but still you can turn OFF from panel.
  9. One click Bootstrap Forms (Option) will take care of your website’s forms including WooCommerce and Contact Form 7.
  10. It has default addons directory in which you can code your custom addons and use them in themes. “GP Reviews” a testimonial/reviews a posts-slider is included by default to give an idea that how can you proceed.

GP Themes is a collection of Free and Premium WordPress themes which are tested on WordPress themes submission standards and developed with GP Framework. There are a few GP Premium Themes are already deployed in clients WordPress installations but never publicized any Free theme before. “GP Cruise” v.2.0.0 is submitted to WordPress team and it will the first FREE WordPress Theme developed on GP Framework. Soon it will be available on github. One thing i want to mention here, GP Framework is developed with the vision of time-efficient theme development. I want to give something awesome to opensource industry so developers can focus on usability instead of routine foundation templates.

That’s why i am taking care of all possible theme templates as:

  1. tag.php
  2. category.php
  3. archive.php
  4. taxonomy.php
  5. home.php
  6. front-page.php
  7. search.php
  8. 404.php

You might will notice that a number of templates are being ignored in these days because everything can be managed with just “index.php”. But its not a good idea when you are selling something awesome. Everything has its special purpose instead of generic usage. In fact, one page themes changed the trend of templates and developers didn’t bother to work on remaining templates. Only 2 designed pages landing and home are common these days so these all templates look somehow meaningless. I will try to bring unique styling and significant difference in admin panel usability regarding all available and possible template pages. GP Themes will be compatible with all of these plugins soon.

Last updated: June 6, 2016