June 2, 2016

Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin

Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin

You might will get surprised that if Layer Slider is a plugin already so what is this post about? In fact Layer Slider WP plugin comes in enfold within the theme and it works really well. But normally developers don’t try to mess with it and i had to. It took much time but finally i got a clue that if i wanna control this slider in custom pages through shortcodes or hooks so i have to use it as stand alone plugin instead of as an addon of Enfold theme.

I did it and achieved the objective. But later i got a query from my client that slider is not working as expected. He was right in fact, Enfold minds it that you takeout this plugin and still expect the same functionality. I was wondering that what will happen? Eventually, i moved back this plugin to inside the theme and everything start working except the custom implementation. Here is the reason that why am i writing this post. In fact i tried to use this plugin in both areas at the same time and it fulfilled both requirements. As addon it works different and as plugin it serves different. Give it a try if you have time and if you dare to mess with something like Enfold 🙂

Screenshots Taken From: Using Enfold Layer Slider as a Plugin

Last updated: June 2, 2016