June 28, 2013

A good WordPress plugin

WordPress Plugins

A good WordPress plugin

A good WordPress plugin will finally be popular. But every popular plugin can not be good. Software engineering and web based applications development are becoming two different things. Although every good practice is being adopted either by individuals or by organizations. Even every popular platform strictly defining the guidelines to get approved with them but still a lot of things which can not be corrected overnight or bad habits can not be tuned soon. Many times the code ethics been compromised and still that code snippet is popular and in use of majority of the techies. It is difficult to say that a plugin in WordPress plugins directory is completely following the guidelines provided by WordPress team. Almost every plugin was developed initially for author’s own requirements and use. Then its been submitted to WordPress plugins directory, once get approved and been popular among few hundred users so author considered it to keep updated. It is very strange that almost every developer runs after a new plugin or add-on although users shout about only one or two by him. You will notice, its rare that every plugin by a an author been popular and he is developing more. Commonly a single plugin been popular by chance and audience loved it.

From here the story begins!

As the plugins were never coded with WordPress perspective initially, if everyone could admit it honestly. Authors of good plugins maintain their code time to time and don’t rush after the new ones. They love their work which is been loved by the audience. They follow the standards which are described by the platform/team and keep the success story goes on.

As i write most of the times to guide co-developers and juniors, so here is an advice for new WordPress developers that concentrate on solution(s) you are providing. Don’t go for the quantity because if your code is good although less in numbers so you earned few but good stars. And if your code is not good and also in large number so you earned bad repute and a lot of it.


Last updated: March 19, 2014