June 22, 2013

How WP Mechanic Will Work?

WordPress Mechanic - WordPress Plugin

How WP Mechanic Will Work?

WordPress mechanic is a combination of FAQ feeds, blog items, consolidated tips and suggestions from WordPress gurus on wp-admin dashboard for those who are not familiar with technicalities. They don’t need to Google every small issue, just browse with WordPress mechanic or ask a new question if they are tired of searching and still not getting the desired answer. As its rare that we could search the closest match to their questions in RSS feeds and provide links to the questions so we will be there to answer.

This plugin will bridge the gap for experts who don’t have time to go to tech/community sites and search for questions to answer. They will review the questions on their dashboard and will reply through WordPress Mechanic API. People can appreciate them through the same way, every answer will have a donate link of relevant replier. The replying person can be anyone, either a developer or any WordPress geek. By this both laymen and experts will save their time. The idea behind this plugin is to speedup the learning process. People will ask anything without hesitation either a newbie or a technical thing. But we will moderate every communication because we are here to deliver the value so quality matters.

  1. Why people will ask questions?
    Answer: Because its like a one to one communication, not a forum or open place where people hesitate asking newbie things.
  2. Why experts will use this plugin to reply the questions?
    Answer: As i am a WordPress developer and i love to help the people, i have my blog but i don’t have time to write on issues or go to stackoverflow on hourly basis. So by this i will have questions on my dashboard. I will answer easily. A number of geeks i know who are interested to experience this thing.
  3. Will everyone answer the same question?
    Answer: No, we will provide the best answer and the single one only. No mess on dashboard, we will prefer short and comprehensive guide. Steps would be better, in fact will set the trend and will release guidelines with API.

How will this work?

Email to WordPress Post system is used for the questions submission. Those unapproved posts in particular directory will be shown to the experts, once they will answer them through API so that will start displaying to the user’s dashboard.

How user will find his question?

As we are not saving any email or domain name etc. from user’s website so by default this won’t happen but we will give an option to the user that do they want to filter their questions only? So we will encode domain name and will fetch feed with that encoded parameter. The encoded parameter will be in email body from next time as prefix by which we will track the questions by users. But before enabling this option, users will not be able to track their questions only. Plugin is available with its complete functionality, few things which are described above are upcoming features. Plugin works fine as questions can be posted and answers will be displayed. API is already in process which is also an add-on.

Note: Encoded parameter will be hashed so the purpose of tracking will be fulfilled and security will be ensured too.

Last updated: March 19, 2014
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