March 6, 2012

Degree of multiprogramming is increase CPU utilization

Degree of multiprogramming is increase CPU utilization

Multi-programming is affecting CPU utilization and always increases the CPU utilization because it organizes jobs in such ways where CPU executes one job at a time. Meanwhile the remaining jobs kept in memory by operating system. As all the jobs can fit in the memory due to limited memory size availability so jobs in bulk remain on disk and later on they would be loaded to memory for execution.


If job waits for some task regarding an I/O operation to complete so in non-multi-programmed system, the CPU would not be utilized. In contrast a multi-programmed
System another job will be executed when one job will wait for an I/O operation.

Due to limited memory, a large no. of jobs can not be loaded into memory to execute so the remaining jobs wait as pooled jobs on disk. Multi-programmed environment decide that which jobs to be loaded from disk to memory and then which jobs to be executed if more than one job is ready to execute. So by multi-programming we achieve the CPU utilization level in contrast if the same tasks would be given to single processor or non-multi-programmed system so that system will remain busy and might be not responding/idle/halt situation.

Last updated: March 19, 2014