March 2, 2012

Synchronous Interrupts – Examples

Synchronous Interrupts – Examples Software interrupts on the contrary are not generated from outside the processor. They just provide an extended far call mechanism. As we have discussed that the real interrupts are hardware interrupts so all the outside interrupts which are not because of hardware, those are software interrupts and we call them synchronous […]

Synchronous Interrupts

Synchronous Interrupts Synchronous events are those that occur side by side with another activity Synchronous means that the interrupt has nothing to do with the currently executing instruction and the current state of the processor.

Asynchronous Interrupts – Examples

Asynchronous Interrupts – Examples Hardware interrupts are generally asynchronous, meaning they can occur at any time and rarely do they occur at the same spot in a program. An interrupt is an asynchronous procedure call the CPU generates in response to an external hardware signal. Hardware interrupts are the real interrupts generated by the external […]

Asynchronous Interrupts

Asynchronous Interrupts Interrupts are asynchronous and unpredictable. Asynchronous means that the interrupts occur, independent of the working of the processor, i.e. independent of the instruction currently executing. Interrupts must be asynchronous as they are generated by the external world which is unaware of the happenings inside the processor. True interrupts that occur in real time […]

HLA – High Level Assembly

HLA – High Level Assembly One of the ways is usage of HLA (High Level Assembly). It fully supports advanced data types and object oriented assembly language programming. Syntax is of HLL e.g. C++. It is a quick approach to combine assembly with HLL. On other hand when we take example of C language as […]