February 18, 2012

AI at a Glance

AI at a Glance Clustering – form of unsupervised learning training data is available but without the classification information or class labels identify and group similar individual data elements based on some measure of similarity “Learning denotes changes in a system that … enables a system to do the same task more efficiently the next […]

Expert Systems & other important AI terms

Expert Systems & other important AI terms ES (Expert System) – A computer program designed to model the problem solving ability of a human expert ESDLC Feasibility study Rapid prototyping Alpha system (in-house verification) Beta system (tested by users) Maintenance and evolution Linear model Planning Feasibility assessment Resource allocation Task phasing and scheduling Requirements analysis […]

February 17, 2012

Possibility of AI – An Overview

Possibility of AI – An Overview “The Analytical Engine has no pretensions whatever to originate anything. It can do whatever we know how to order it to perform.” (by Ada Augusta) When we talk about AI so two groups do contradict with each other. One of them believe that everything is calculated and working on […]

Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy Systems Aristotle came up with the “Law of the Excluded Middle”. Classical sets Fuzzy sets an element can belong to a set to a degree k (0 k 1), in contrast to classical set theory where an element must definitely belong or not to a set Crisp Sets A crisp set is defined in […]

C Language Integrated Production System

C Language Integrated Production System Commands (exit) Arithmetic Add: (+ 2 4) = 6 Subtract: (- 2 4) = -4 Multiply: (* 2 4) = 8 Divide: (/ 2 4) = 0.5 deftemplate (deftemplate templateName “Relation relationName”(slot slotName1) (slot slotName2) ) assert (assert ( templateName ( slotName1 “slot1”) (slotName2 “slot2”) ) ) (facts 1 10) […]

February 1, 2012

Implementation of AI in Web Applications

PDF Attached Toward a New Generation of Semantic Web Applications(Implementation of AI in Web Applications)   Fahad Mahmood, mc100200752, MCS, Semester-4, fahad.mahmood.8@gmail.com, 00923218868224   Abstract— Implementation of AI in Web Applications is an idea which is implemented already but not properly as it can be. It is partially implemented by few software companies. In this […]

January 25, 2012

Fuzzy Logic vs Probability

Fuzzy Logic vs Probability In my view, probability is related to chances of occurrence of an event in which either few assumptions will remain true or may be not, it all depends upon experiment. But fuzzy logic deals with rules it has defined in it. If some knowledge was not existing and rules were not […]