February 29, 2012

Starting JAVA Coding

Starting JAVA Coding You can start coding in java by using plain notepad but it would be easier if you use some IDE e.g. NetBeans IDE, Sun Java Studio Creator IDE or Sun Java Studio Enterprise. Follow these steps: Download the JDK from http://java.sun.com Once the selected IDE is installed so you can start coding […]

C++ example for triangle area with the help of getter setter functions

#include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> //INCLUDING <iomanip> FOR setfill() function #include <iomanip> using namespace std; //We are required to write a class. //Which should have area, base and height private data members (real numbers). //We are declaring class Fortrianglearea class Fortrianglearea { //Private data members area, base and height of float type for fractions private: float […]

Multiplication of objects, array based objects, object multiply by object

#include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; //Objectmultiplication class declaration class Objectmultiplication { private: int array_integers[10]; //Array declaration public: //A default constructor which will initialize all array elements with zero Objectmultiplication() { array_integers[0]=0; array_integers[1]=0; array_integers[2]=0; array_integers[3]=0; array_integers[4]=0; array_integers[5]=0; array_integers[6]=0; array_integers[7]=0; array_integers[8]=0; array_integers[9]=0; } //Declaration of setter and getter functions void setArray1(); void setArray2(); void getArray(); […]

Getter Setter Example Code in C++

#include <cstdlib> #include <iostream> using namespace std; // defining the Student class class Student { string Name, Rollnumber, Semester, CGPA; public: //Default Constructor of the class Student::Student() { Name = “Default Name”; Rollnumber = “Default Roll Number”; Semester = “Default Semester”; CGPA = “Default CGPA”; cout << “:: Student Class :: \n” << endl; } […]

Coefficient of correlation – An important point

If “r” between two variables is zero, it doesn’t mean that there is no relationship between the variables.   Justification:   Condition-1-If “r” is near +1, it represents positive correlation b/w two variables. If one will increase other will increase too and vice versa.   Condition-2-If “r” is near -1, it represents negative correlation b/w […]

Credible and Incredible Data on Web

Websites are very quick source of information. Search engines put magic in this too. Although by experience we can observe information authenticity as well but CRAAP test help us in this regard a lot. CRAAP means   1-     Currency – Time to time information updated or not. 2-     Relevance – Information provided is relevant to […]

Comparison of digital services with analog services

Analog Services   1- Analog Services uses FDM (Frequency Division Multiplexing) which is an analog technique. We use it because every modulated analog signal having different frequency because they are composite signals. So it is not possible that every time bandwidth can be used completely by the signals. By this the signals can overlap or […]

Reasoning for transmission medium is a part of the physical layer

Transmission medium is a part of physical layer because it is necessary to pass the data from source to target DTE. It deals with the mechanical and electrical specification of interface and transmission medium. Physical layer provide the encoded form of data to transmission medium, on other hand it receives data from transmission medium.